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Lil Happy Lil Sad - Let me die lyrics

I'm feeling lost and I don't know where else to go now
I don't really have a place to call my home now
Everybody hatin' and I feel so cold now
Why do everybody make me feel alone like

I've got so much s***t to say
Baby take me from this place
I just really cannot stay
Tears are falling down my face
I feel colder every day
Know they want me out their way
I'll be gone I'll be okay
I just need some f***g space
I walk by I feel them hate
Wanna die cause I relate
Wanna cry I feel insane
I get high but can't escape
Would they love me if I change

Am I lost am I too late
Soon I'm dead I cannot wait
Please don't love me it's a waste

Wanna die so f***g bad
You're the best i've ever had
Wanna die when I look back
'Cause u always made me sad
Can't get over s***t I'm done
I just make another song
Nothing helps I'm f***g numb
I'll be gone bitch pass the blunt
I've been hurting for so long
Baby kill me in your thongs
I've been dying all along
Let me go where I belong
Get me drunk bitch get me high
Give me pills and let me vibe
when it's time just let me die
I'm so tired of this lïfe

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