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Abba lyrics

Abba - Ah vilka tider
Abba - Al andar
Abba - Al andar (move on - in spanish)
Abba - Andante andante [romana]
Abba - Andante, andante
Abba - Andante, andante (spanish version)
Abba - Angel eyes
Abba - Angeleyes
Abba - Angeleyes...
Abba - Another town, another train
Abba - As good as new
Abba - Avant garden

Abba - Baby
Abba - Baby..
Abba - Bang-a-boomerang
Abba - Burning my bridges

Abba - Cassandra
Abba - Chiquitita
Abba - Chiquitita (in spanish)
Abba - Chiquitita (romanian version)
Abba - Chiquitita (spanish version)
Abba - Conociendome, conociendote (knowing me knowin
Abba - Conociendome, conociendote (knowing me knowing you - in spanish)
Abba - Conoci©ndome, conoci©ndote
Abba - Crazy world
Abba - Crying over you

Abba - Dame! dame! dame!
Abba - Dame! dame! dame! (gimme gimme gimme - in spanish)
Abba - Dance (while the music still goes on)
Abba - Disillusion
Abba - Does your mother know
Abba - Dream world
Abba - Dum dum diddle

Abba - Eagle
Abba - Eagle..
Abba - Elaine
Abba - Estoy soáando
Abba - Estoy sonando (i have a dream - in spanish)
Abba - Every good man

Abba - Felicidad
Abba - Fernando
Abba - Fernando (in spanish)
Abba - Fernando (spanish version)

Abba - Gimme! gimme! gimme! (a man after midnight)
Abba - Gimme! gimmer! gimme! (a man after midnight)
Abba - Gimme, gimme (romanian version)
Abba - Givin' a little bit more
Abba - Gonna sing you my lovesong
Abba - Gracias por la mêsica
Abba - Gracias por la musica (thank you for the musi
Abba - Gracias por la musica (thank you for the music - in spanish)

Abba - Happy hawaii
Abba - Happy new year
Abba - Happy new year (romana)
Abba - Hasta manana
Abba - Hasta manana (in spanish)
Abba - Hasta mañana (spanish version)
Abba - He is your brother
Abba - Head over heels
Abba - Here comes rubie jamie
Abba - Hey hey helen
Abba - Hey, hey helen
Abba - Hole in your soul
Abba - Honey honey
Abba - Honey, honey
Abba - Honey, honey (romana
Abba - Honey, honey (swedish version)
Abba - Hovas vittne

Abba - I am just a girl
Abba - I am the city
Abba - I do, i do, i do, i do, i do
Abba - I do, i do, i do, i do, i do
Abba - I let the music speak
Abba - I saw it in the mirror
Abba - I wonder (departure)
Abba - I'm a marionette
Abba - I've been waiting for you
Abba - If it wasn't for the nights

Abba - Just a notion
Abba - Just like that

Abba - King kong song
Abba - Kisses of fire
Abba - Knowing me knowing you
Abba - Knowing me, knowing you

Abba - La reina del baile / reina danzante
Abba - Like an angel passing through my room
Abba - Love has it's ways
Abba - Love isn't easy (but it sure is hard enough)
Abba - Lovelight
Abba - Lovers (live a little longer)

Abba - Mama mia
Abba - Mamma mia (in spanish)
Abba - Man in the middle
Abba - Me and bobby and bobby's brother
Abba - Me and i
Abba - Merry-go-round
Abba - Midnight special
Abba - Money, money, money
Abba - Move on
Abba - My love my life
Abba - My love, my life
Abba - My mama said

Abba - Nina, pretty ballerina
Abba - No hay a quien culpar

Abba - On and on and on
Abba - On top of old smokey
Abba - One man, one woman
Abba - One of us
Abba - Our last summer
Abba - Outta your head

Abba - People need love
Abba - Pick a bale of cotton
Abba - Put on your white sombrero

Abba - Reina danzante (dancing queen - in spanish)
Abba - Ring ring
Abba - Ring ring (1974 remix, single version)
Abba - Ring ring (bara du slog en signal)
Abba - Ring ring (spanish version)
Abba - Ring, ring
Abba - Rock 'n roll band
Abba - Rock 'n' roll band
Abba - Rock me
Abba - Rock'n'roll band

Abba - S. o. s.
Abba - S. o. s.
Abba - S. O. S. (romanian version)
Abba - Santa rosa
Abba - Se me est escapando
Abba - She's my kind of girl
Abba - Sitting in the palmtree
Abba - Slipping through my fingers
Abba - Slipping through my fingers (romana)
Abba - Slipping through my fingers (romanian version)
Abba - So long
Abba - Soldiers
Abba - Sos
Abba - Summer night city
Abba - Suzy hang-a-round
Abba - Suzy-hang-around
Abba - Sz? llj, s? lyommad? r!

Abba - Thank you for the music (doris day version)
Abba - That's me
Abba - The day before you came
Abba - The king has lost his crown
Abba - The piper
Abba - The visitors
Abba - The visitors (crackin' up)
Abba - The way old friends do
Abba - The winner takes it all (romana)
Abba - The winner takes it all (romanian version)
Abba - Tiger
Abba - Tropical loveland
Abba - Two for the price of one

Abba - Under attack

Abba - Voulez vous
Abba - Voulez-vous
Abba - Voulez-vous...?

Abba - Watch out
Abba - Waterloo
Abba - Waterloo (swedish version)
Abba - What about livingstone
Abba - When all is said and done
Abba - When i kissed the teacher
Abba - Why did it have to be me

Abba - You owe me one

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