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Cher - & sonny's song - i got you babe

Cher - (this is a) song for the lonely

Cher - 88 degrees

Cher - A different kind of love song
Cher - A world without heroes
Cher - A young girl (une enfante)
Cher - After all (duet with peter cetera)
Cher - Again
Cher - Alfie
Cher - Alive again
Cher - Alive again (complet)
Cher - All because of you
Cher - All i really want to do
Cher - All or nothing
Cher - Am i blue?
Cher - Angels running
Cher - Apples don't fall far from the tree

Cher - Back on the street again
Cher - Bang bang (my baby shot me down)
Cher - Bang-bang
Cher - Behind the door
Cher - Believe
Cher - Believe-complet
Cher - Belive
Cher - Bell bottom blues
Cher - Blowin' in the wind
Cher - Body to body, heart to heart
Cher - Born with a hunger
Cher - Borrowed time
Cher - Boys & girls
Cher - But i can't love you more
Cher - By myself

Cher - Can you fool
Cher - Carousel man
Cher - Catch the wind
Cher - Chastity sun
Cher - Chastity's song (band of thieves)
Cher - Chiquitita [spanish version]
Cher - Classified 1a
Cher - Come to your window
Cher - Could've been you
Cher - Cry like a baby
Cher - Cry myself to sleep

Cher - Dangerous times
Cher - Danny boy
Cher - Dark lady
Cher - David's song
Cher - Disaster cake
Cher - Dixie
Cher - Dixie girl
Cher - Do i ever cross your mind
Cher - Do right woman, do right man
Cher - Do what you gotta do
Cher - Does anybody really fall in love anymore?
Cher - Don't come around tonite
Cher - Don't come cryin' to me
Cher - Don't ever try to close a rose
Cher - Don't hide your love
Cher - Don't try to close a rose
Cher - Dov'e l'amore
Cher - Dove e l'amore
Cher - Down, down, down

Cher - Early morning strangers
Cher - Easy to be hard
Cher - Elusive butterfly
Cher - Emotional fire

Cher - Fast company
Cher - Fire and rain
Cher - Fires of eden
Cher - Fit to fly
Cher - Flashback
Cher - For what it's worth

Cher - Games
Cher - Geronimo's cadillac
Cher - Git down (guitar groupie)
Cher - Give our love a fightin' chance
Cher - Gypsies, tramps and thieves
Cher - Gypsys, tramps & thieves

Cher - Half breed
Cher - Half-breed
Cher - Happy was the day we met
Cher - He ain't heavy, he's my brother
Cher - He was beautiful
Cher - He'll never know
Cher - Heart of stone
Cher - Hell on wheels
Cher - Hey joe
Cher - Holdin' out for love
Cher - Holy smoke
Cher - Homeward bound
Cher - How can you mend a broken heart
Cher - How long has this been going on?

Cher - I believe
Cher - I feel something in the air (magic in the air)
Cher - I found someone
Cher - I found you love
Cher - I got it bad (and that ain't good)
Cher - I got you babe (duet with sonny)
Cher - I hate to sleep alone
Cher - I know (you don't love me)
Cher - I love makin' love to you
Cher - I paralyze
Cher - I saw a man and he danced with his wife
Cher - I threw it all away
Cher - I walk on guilded splinters
Cher - I want you
Cher - I will wait for you
Cher - I wouldn't treat a dog (the way you treated me)
Cher - I'd rather believe in you
Cher - I'll never stop loving you
Cher - I'm blowin' away
Cher - I'm in the middle
Cher - If i could turn back time
Cher - If I could turn back time [romana]
Cher - If i knew then
Cher - In for the night
Cher - Island
Cher - It gets me where i want to go
Cher - It might as well stay monday (from now on)
Cher - It's a cryin' shame
Cher - It's a man's man's man's world
Cher - It's been hard enough getting over you
Cher - It's not unusual
Cher - It's too late to love me now

Cher - Jolson medley: sonny boy / my mammy / rock-a-bye your baby with a dixie melody
Cher - Julie
Cher - Just enough to keep me hangin' on
Cher - Just like jesse james
Cher - Just this one time
Cher - Just what i've been lookin' for

Cher - Kiss to kiss
Cher - Knock on wood

Cher - L. a. plane
Cher - Lay baby lay
Cher - Let me down easy
Cher - Let this be a lesson to you
Cher - Like a rolling stone
Cher - Living in a house divided
Cher - Long distance love affair
Cher - Look at me
Cher - Love and pain
Cher - Love and understanding
Cher - Love enough
Cher - Love hurts
Cher - Love is a lonely place without you
Cher - Love is the groove
Cher - Love me
Cher - Love on a rooftop
Cher - Love one another
Cher - Love so high
Cher - Love the devil out of ya

Cher - Main man
Cher - Make the man love me
Cher - Mama (when my dollies have babies)
Cher - Melody
Cher - Milord
Cher - Mirror image
Cher - Miss subway of 1952
Cher - Momma, look sharp
Cher - More than you know
Cher - Move me
Cher - Mr. soul
Cher - My love
Cher - My song (too far gone)

Cher - Needles and pins
Cher - Never been to spain
Cher - Never should have started
Cher - Not enough love in the world

Cher - Ol' man river
Cher - One by one
Cher - One honest man
Cher - One small step (duet with richard page)
Cher - Our day will come
Cher - Our lady of san francisco
Cher - Outrageous

Cher - Paradise is here
Cher - Perfection (duet with darlene love & bonnie tyler)
Cher - Pied piper
Cher - Pirate
Cher - Please don't tell me
Cher - Prisoner

Cher - Rain rain
Cher - Rain, rain
Cher - Real love
Cher - Reason to believe
Cher - Rescue me
Cher - Rock and roll doctor
Cher - Rudy
Cher - Runaway
Cher - Runnin'

Cher - Save the children
Cher - Save up all your tears
Cher - Say the word
Cher - Say what's on your mind
Cher - Send the man over
Cher - Shadow dream song
Cher - Shape of things to come
Cher - She loves to hear the music
Cher - Shoppin'
Cher - Silver wings and golden rings
Cher - Sing for your supper
Cher - Sisters of mercy
Cher - Sittin' on the dock of the bay
Cher - Skin deep
Cher - Song called children
Cher - Song for you
Cher - Spring
Cher - Stars
Cher - Starting over
Cher - Still
Cher - Still in love with you
Cher - Strong enough
Cher - Strong enough (romana)
Cher - Sunny
Cher - Superstar

Cher - Take it from the boys
Cher - Take me for a little while
Cher - Take me home
Cher - Takin' back my heart
Cher - Taxi taxi
Cher - The beat goes on (duet with sonny)
Cher - The bigger they come the harder they fall
Cher - The book of love
Cher - The cruel war
Cher - The fall (kurt's blues)
Cher - The first time
Cher - The girl from ipanema
Cher - The greatest song i ever heard
Cher - The gunman
Cher - The long and winding road
Cher - The look
Cher - The man i love
Cher - The man that got away
Cher - The music's no good without you
Cher - The power
Cher - The same mistake
Cher - The shoop shoop song (it's in his kiss)
Cher - The sun ain't gonna shine anymore
Cher - The thought of loving you
Cher - The twelfth of never
Cher - The way of love
Cher - There but for fortune
Cher - These days
Cher - This god-forsaken day
Cher - This is a song for the lonely
Cher - Thunderstorm
Cher - Time
Cher - Times they are a changin'
Cher - Tonight i'll be staying here with you
Cher - Touch and go
Cher - Train of thought
Cher - Two people clinging to a thread

Cher - Until it's time for you to go

Cher - Walk with me
Cher - Walking in memphis
Cher - War paint and soft feathers
Cher - Wasn't it good
Cher - We all fly home
Cher - We all sleep alone
Cher - We're gonna make it
Cher - What about the moonlight
Cher - What'll i do
Cher - When love calls your name
Cher - When lovers become strangers
Cher - When the love is gone
Cher - When the money's gone
Cher - When you find out where you're goin', let me know
Cher - When you walk away
Cher - Where do you go
Cher - Who you gonna believe
Cher - Why was i born?
Cher - Will you love me tomorrow?
Cher - With or without you
Cher - Working girl

Cher - You better sit down kids
Cher - You don't have to say you love me
Cher - You haven't seen the last of me
Cher - You know it (duet with les dudek)
Cher - You really got a hold on me
Cher - You take it all
Cher - You wouldn't know love
Cher - You've made me so very happy
Cher - Young and pretty
Cher - Yours until tomorrow

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