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Eurythmics lyrics

Eurythmics - 17 again

Eurythmics - A cat with a tale
Eurythmics - A little of you
Eurythmics - A whiter shade of pale
Eurythmics - Adrian
Eurythmics - All the young
Eurythmics - All the young (people of today)
Eurythmics - And i hate you
Eurythmics - Angel
Eurythmics - Anything but strong
Eurythmics - Aqua
Eurythmics - Awol

Eurythmics - Baby's gonna cry (my my)
Eurythmics - Beautiful child
Eurythmics - Beethoven (i love to listen to)
Eurythmics - Belinda
Eurythmics - Better to have lost in love (than never to have loved at all)
Eurythmics - Brand new day

Eurythmics - Caveman head
Eurythmics - Chelsea lovers
Eurythmics - Cold
Eurythmics - Conditional soul
Eurythmics - Conditioned soul
Eurythmics - Cool blue
Eurythmics - Crazy sister
Eurythmics - Crown of madness

Eurythmics - Damien save me
Eurythmics - Diamond avenue
Eurythmics - Do you want to break up
Eurythmics - Do you want to break up?
Eurythmics - Don't ask me why
Eurythmics - Don't let it bring you down
Eurythmics - Doubleplusgood
Eurythmics - Downtown lights

Eurythmics - English summer
Eurythmics - Even the bad times (were good times)

Eurythmics - Fade away
Eurythmics - For the love of big brother
Eurythmics - Forever

Eurythmics - Here comes that sinking feeling
Eurythmics - Here comes the rain again
Eurythmics - How long
Eurythmics - How long?

Eurythmics - I could give you (a mirror)
Eurythmics - I got a lover (back in japan)
Eurythmics - I love you like a ball and chain
Eurythmics - I need a man
Eurythmics - I need you
Eurythmics - I remember you
Eurythmics - I saved the world
Eurythmics - I saved the world today
Eurythmics - I want it all
Eurythmics - I've got a life
Eurythmics - I've got a lover (back in japan)
Eurythmics - I've got an angel
Eurythmics - I've tried everything
Eurythmics - In this town
Eurythmics - It's alright (baby's coming back)

Eurythmics - Jennifer
Eurythmics - Julia

Eurythmics - King of the hypocrites

Eurythmics - Leaving this earth (again)
Eurythmics - Let's go!
Eurythmics - Lifted
Eurythmics - Love is a stranger

Eurythmics - Missionary man
Eurythmics - Must be talkin' to an angel
Eurythmics - My my - baby's gonna cry
Eurythmics - My place
Eurythmics - My true love

Eurythmics - Never gonna cry again

Eurythmics - Paint a rumour
Eurythmics - Peace is just a word
Eurythmics - Power to the meek
Eurythmics - Put the blame on me

Eurythmics - Regrets
Eurythmics - Revenge
Eurythmics - Revival
Eurythmics - Right by your side

Eurythmics - Savage
Eurythmics - Sexcrime
Eurythmics - Sexcrime (nineteen eighty-four)
Eurythmics - Shame
Eurythmics - She's invisible now
Eurythmics - Sing-sing
Eurythmics - Sisters are doin' it for themselves
Eurythmics - Somebody told me
Eurythmics - Stars on sunday
Eurythmics - Sweet dreams
Eurythmics - Sweet dreams (are made of this)
Eurythmics - Sylvia

Eurythmics - Take me to your heart
Eurythmics - Take your pain away
Eurythmics - The first cut
Eurythmics - The king & queen of america
Eurythmics - The king and queen of america
Eurythmics - The last time
Eurythmics - The miracle of love
Eurythmics - The walk
Eurythmics - There must be an angel
Eurythmics - There must be an angel (playing with my heart)
Eurythmics - This city never sleeps
Eurythmics - This is the house
Eurythmics - This little town
Eurythmics - Thorn in my side

Eurythmics - We too are one
Eurythmics - We two are one
Eurythmics - When the day goes down
Eurythmics - When tomorrow comes
Eurythmics - Who's that girl
Eurythmics - Who's that girl?
Eurythmics - Wide eyed girl
Eurythmics - Wise guy
Eurythmics - Would i lie to you
Eurythmics - Would i lie to you?
Eurythmics - Wrap it up

Eurythmics - You have placed a chill in my heart
Eurythmics - You hurt me
Eurythmics - You hurt me (and i hate you)
Eurythmics - You're lost (forever)
Eurythmics - Your time will come

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