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Foreigner lyrics

Foreigner - A love in vain
Foreigner - A night to remember
Foreigner - All i need to know
Foreigner - At war with the world

Foreigner - Back where you belong
Foreigner - Blinded by science
Foreigner - Blue morning blue day
Foreigner - Blue morning, blue day
Foreigner - Break it up

Foreigner - Can't wait
Foreigner - Cold as ice
Foreigner - Counting every minute
Foreigner - Crash and burn

Foreigner - Dirty white boy
Foreigner - Do what you like
Foreigner - Don't let go
Foreigner - Double vision
Foreigner - Down on love

Foreigner - Face to face
Foreigner - Feels like the first time
Foreigner - Flesh wound
Foreigner - Fool for you anyway

Foreigner - Girl on the moon
Foreigner - Growing up the hard way

Foreigner - Hand on my heart
Foreigner - Head games
Foreigner - Headknocker
Foreigner - Heart turns to stone
Foreigner - Hole in my soul
Foreigner - Hot blooded

Foreigner - I don't want to live without you
Foreigner - I have waited so long
Foreigner - I keep hoping
Foreigner - I need you
Foreigner - I wanna know what love is
Foreigner - I want to know what love is
Foreigner - I want to know what love is romana
Foreigner - I'll fight for you
Foreigner - I'll get even with you
Foreigner - I'm gonna win
Foreigner - Inside information

Foreigner - Juke box hero

Foreigner - Lonely children
Foreigner - Long, long way from home
Foreigner - Love has taken it's toll
Foreigner - Love has taken its toll
Foreigner - Love on the telephone
Foreigner - Lowdown and dirty
Foreigner - Luanne

Foreigner - Moment of truth
Foreigner - Mountain of love

Foreigner - Night life
Foreigner - No hiding place

Foreigner - Only heaven knows
Foreigner - Out of the blue

Foreigner - Rain
Foreigner - Reaction to action
Foreigner - Ready for the rain
Foreigner - Real world
Foreigner - Rev on the red line
Foreigner - Running the risk

Foreigner - Safe in my heart
Foreigner - Say you will
Foreigner - Seventeen
Foreigner - She's too tough
Foreigner - Spellbinder
Foreigner - Starrider
Foreigner - Stranger in my own house

Foreigner - That was yesterday
Foreigner - The beat of my heart
Foreigner - The damage is done
Foreigner - The modern day
Foreigner - Tooth and nail
Foreigner - Two different worlds

Foreigner - Under the gun
Foreigner - Until the end of time
Foreigner - Unusual heat
Foreigner - Urgent

Foreigner - Waiting for a girl like you
Foreigner - When the night comes down
Foreigner - White lie
Foreigner - With heaven on our side
Foreigner - Woman in black
Foreigner - Woman oh woman
Foreigner - Women

Foreigner - You're all i am

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