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Heart lyrics

Heart - (beat by) jealously

Heart - All eyes
Heart - All i wanna do is make love to you
Heart - All i want to do is make love to you
Heart - Allies
Heart - Alone
Heart - Alone (romana)
Heart - Ambush
Heart - America
Heart - Angels

Heart - Back to avalon
Heart - Bad animals
Heart - Barracuda
Heart - Bebe le strange
Heart - Black on black ii
Heart - Blue guitar
Heart - Break
Heart - Bright light girl

Heart - Call of the wild
Heart - City's burning
Heart - Cook with fire
Heart - Crazy 4 u
Heart - Crazy on you
Heart - Cruel nights
Heart - Cry to me

Heart - Devil delight
Heart - Dog and butterfly
Heart - Down on me
Heart - Dream of the archer
Heart - Dreamboat annie
Heart - Dreamboat annie (fantasy child)
Heart - Dreamboat annie (reprise)

Heart - Easy target
Heart - Even it up

Heart - Fallen from grace
Heart - Fast times

Heart - Heartless
Heart - Heavy heart
Heart - Here song
Heart - Hey darlin darlin
Heart - High time
Heart - Hijinx
Heart - How can i refuse
Heart - How deep it goes

Heart - I didn't want to need you
Heart - I love you
Heart - I want you so bad
Heart - I want your world to turn
Heart - I've got the music in me
Heart - If looks could kill
Heart - In walks the night

Heart - Johnny moon
Heart - Just the wine

Heart - Kick it out

Heart - Language of love
Heart - Lighter touch
Heart - Little queen
Heart - Love alive
Heart - Love me like music i'll be your song
Heart - Love mistake

Heart - Magazine
Heart - Magic man
Heart - Mistral wind
Heart - Mother earth blues
Heart - My crazy head

Heart - Nada one
Heart - Never
Heart - No other love
Heart - Nobody home
Heart - Nothin' at all

Heart - One word

Heart - Perfect stranger
Heart - Pilot
Heart - Private audition

Heart - Rage
Heart - Raised on you
Heart - Ring them bells
Heart - Rockin heaven down
Heart - Rsvp

Heart - Say hello
Heart - Secret
Heart - Shell shock
Heart - Sing child
Heart - Sleep alone
Heart - Soul of the sea
Heart - Straight on
Heart - Stranded
Heart - Strange night
Heart - Strangers of the heart
Heart - Sweet darlin'

Heart - Tall, dark handsome stranger
Heart - The night
Heart - The situation
Heart - The wolf
Heart - The woman in me
Heart - There's the girl
Heart - These dreams
Heart - This man is mine
Heart - Together now
Heart - Treat me well

Heart - Under the sky

Heart - Wait for an answer
Heart - What about love
Heart - What he don't know
Heart - White lightning & wine
Heart - Who will you run to
Heart - Who will you run to?
Heart - Wild child
Heart - Will you be there (in the morning)
Heart - Without you

Heart - You ain't so tough

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