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Helloween lyrics

Helloween - A game we shouldn't play
Helloween - A handful of pain
Helloween - A little time
Helloween - A million to one
Helloween - A tale that wasn't right
Helloween - Ain't got nothing better
Helloween - All my loving
Helloween - All over the nations
Helloween - Anything my mama don't like

Helloween - Back against the wall
Helloween - Back on the ground
Helloween - Back on the streets
Helloween - Before the war
Helloween - Blue suede shoes

Helloween - Can't fight your desire
Helloween - Closer to home
Helloween - Cold sweat
Helloween - Crazy cat
Helloween - Cry for freedom
Helloween - Cut in the middle

Helloween - Deliver us from temptation
Helloween - Do you feel good
Helloween - Don't run for cover
Helloween - Don't spit on my mind
Helloween - Don't stop being crazy
Helloween - Dr. stein

Helloween - Eagle fly free
Helloween - Electric eye
Helloween - Escalation 666

Helloween - Faith healer
Helloween - Falling higher
Helloween - Far away
Helloween - Fast as a shark
Helloween - First time
Helloween - Follow the sign
Helloween - Forever & one
Helloween - Forever and one
Helloween - From out of nowhere
Helloween - Future world

Helloween - Get me out of here
Helloween - Giants
Helloween - Goin' home
Helloween - Gorgar
Helloween - Guardians

Helloween - Halloween
Helloween - Handful of pain
Helloween - He's a woman she's a man
Helloween - Heavy metal
Helloween - Heavy metal (is the law)
Helloween - Heavy metal hamsters
Helloween - Hell was made in heaven
Helloween - Hey, lord
Helloween - Hocus pocus
Helloween - How many tears

Helloween - I ain't got nothing bet
Helloween - I believe
Helloween - I can
Helloween - I don't care, you don't care
Helloween - I don't wanna cry no more
Helloween - I live for your pain
Helloween - I stole your love
Helloween - I want out
Helloween - I'm alive
Helloween - I'm doin' fine crazyman
Helloween - If i could fly
Helloween - If i could fly (extended version)
Helloween - If i could fly (radio mix)
Helloween - If i knew
Helloween - Immortal
Helloween - Immortal (stars)
Helloween - In the middle
Helloween - In the middle of a heartbeat
Helloween - In the middle of a heartbeat (live)
Helloween - In the night

Helloween - Judas
Helloween - Juggernaut
Helloween - Just a little sign

Helloween - Keeper of the seven keys
Helloween - Kids of the century
Helloween - Kings will be kings

Helloween - Laudate dominum
Helloween - Lavdate dominvm
Helloween - Lay all your love on me
Helloween - Liar
Helloween - Light in the sky
Helloween - Listen to the flies
Helloween - Livin' ain't no crime
Helloween - Locomotive breath
Helloween - Longing

Helloween - Madness of the crowds
Helloween - Mankind
Helloween - March of time
Helloween - Metal invaders
Helloween - Mexican
Helloween - Midnight sun
Helloween - Mirror mirror
Helloween - Misery
Helloween - Mission wonderland
Helloween - Mr torture
Helloween - Mr. ego
Helloween - Mr. ego (take me down)
Helloween - Mr. torture
Helloween - Murderer
Helloween - Music

Helloween - Never be a star
Helloween - Nothing to say
Helloween - Number one

Helloween - Open your life

Helloween - Perfect gentleman
Helloween - Phantoms of death
Helloween - Pink bubbles go ape
Helloween - Power
Helloween - Push

Helloween - Rain
Helloween - Rat bat blue
Helloween - Reptile
Helloween - Revelation
Helloween - Revolution now
Helloween - Ride the sky
Helloween - Rise and fall

Helloween - Salvation
Helloween - Savage
Helloween - Save us
Helloween - Secret alibi
Helloween - Sheer heart attack
Helloween - Silicon dreams
Helloween - Sole survivor
Helloween - Someone's crying
Helloween - Space oddity
Helloween - Star invasion
Helloween - Starlight
Helloween - Steel tornmentor
Helloween - Step out of hell
Helloween - Still i don't know
Helloween - Still we go
Helloween - Sun 4 the world

Helloween - Take it to the limit
Helloween - Take me home
Helloween - The chance
Helloween - The dark ride
Helloween - The departed (sun is going down)
Helloween - The departed (the sun is going down)
Helloween - The game is on
Helloween - The madness of the crowds
Helloween - The time of the oath
Helloween - The tune
Helloween - Time
Helloween - Time goes by
Helloween - Twillight of the gods

Helloween - Victim of fate

Helloween - Wake up the mountain
Helloween - Walk your way
Helloween - Warrior
Helloween - We burn
Helloween - We damn the night
Helloween - We got the right
Helloween - When the sinner
Helloween - Where the rain grows
Helloween - White room
Helloween - Why?
Helloween - Windmill

Helloween - You always walk alone
Helloween - You run with the pack
Helloween - Your turn

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