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Kinks lyrics

Kinks - 20th century man

Kinks - A face in the crowd
Kinks - A gallon of gas
Kinks - A little bit of abuse
Kinks - A little bit of sunlight
Kinks - A long way from home
Kinks - A rock 'n' roll fantasy
Kinks - A well respected man
Kinks - Act nice and gentle
Kinks - Acute schizophrenia paranoia blues
Kinks - Add it up
Kinks - Afternoon tea
Kinks - Aggravation
Kinks - Alcohol
Kinks - All aboard
Kinks - All day and all of the night
Kinks - All night stand
Kinks - All of my friends were there
Kinks - Americana
Kinks - And i will love you
Kinks - Animal
Kinks - Animal farm
Kinks - Announcements
Kinks - Apeman
Kinks - Are you ready girl?
Kinks - Around the dial
Kinks - Art lover
Kinks - Arthur
Kinks - Artificial light
Kinks - Artificial man
Kinks - Attitude
Kinks - Australia
Kinks - Autumn almanac

Kinks - Babies
Kinks - Baby face
Kinks - Back to front
Kinks - Bald headed woman
Kinks - Banana boat song
Kinks - Beautiful delilah
Kinks - Berkeley mews
Kinks - Bernadette
Kinks - Better things
Kinks - Big black smoke
Kinks - Big sky
Kinks - Black messiah
Kinks - Brainwashed
Kinks - Bright lights
Kinks - Brother

Kinks - Cadillac
Kinks - Catch me now i'm falling
Kinks - Celluloid heroes
Kinks - Cliches of the world (b movie)
Kinks - Climb your wall
Kinks - Close to the wire
Kinks - Come dancing
Kinks - Come on now
Kinks - Complicated life
Kinks - Cricket

Kinks - Dancing in the street
Kinks - Dandy
Kinks - David watts
Kinks - Daylight
Kinks - Days
Kinks - Dead end street
Kinks - Dear margaret
Kinks - Death of a clown
Kinks - Dedicated follower of fashion
Kinks - Definite maybe
Kinks - Demolition
Kinks - Denmark street
Kinks - Destroyer
Kinks - Did ya?
Kinks - Did you see his name?
Kinks - Do it again
Kinks - Do you remember walter?
Kinks - Do you wish to be a man?
Kinks - Don't
Kinks - Don't ever change
Kinks - Don't ever let me go
Kinks - Don't forget to dance
Kinks - Don't you fret
Kinks - Down all the days (to 1992)
Kinks - Drift away
Kinks - Drivin'
Kinks - Ducks on the wall

Kinks - Education
Kinks - Elevator man
Kinks - Emptiness
Kinks - End of the season
Kinks - Entertainment
Kinks - Eternity
Kinks - Ev'rybody's gonna be happy
Kinks - Everybody's a star (starmaker)

Kinks - Fancy
Kinks - Father christmas
Kinks - Flash's confession
Kinks - Flash's dream (the final elbow)
Kinks - Full moon
Kinks - Funny face

Kinks - Get back in line
Kinks - Get up
Kinks - Give the people what they want
Kinks - Going solo
Kinks - Good day
Kinks - Good luck charm
Kinks - Got love if you want it
Kinks - Got my feet on the ground
Kinks - Got to be free
Kinks - Gotta get the first plane home
Kinks - Groovy movies
Kinks - Guilty

Kinks - Harry rag
Kinks - Hatred (a duet)
Kinks - Have a cuppa tea
Kinks - Have another drink
Kinks - Hay fever
Kinks - He's evil
Kinks - Headmaster
Kinks - Heart of gold
Kinks - Here come the people in grey
Kinks - Here comes flash
Kinks - Here comes yet another day
Kinks - Hold my hand
Kinks - Holiday
Kinks - Holiday in waikiki
Kinks - Holiday romance
Kinks - Holloway jail
Kinks - Hot potatoes
Kinks - House in the country
Kinks - How are you
Kinks - How do i get close

Kinks - I am free
Kinks - I believed you
Kinks - I bet you won't stay
Kinks - I don't need you any more
Kinks - I go to sleep
Kinks - I gotta go now
Kinks - I gotta move
Kinks - I need you
Kinks - I took my baby home
Kinks - I'll get over
Kinks - I'll remember
Kinks - I'm a hog for you baby
Kinks - I'm a lover not a fighter
Kinks - I'm crying
Kinks - I'm in disgrace
Kinks - I'm not like everybody else
Kinks - I'm on an island
Kinks - I've been driving on bald mountain
Kinks - I've got that feeling
Kinks - I've got your number
Kinks - In a foreign land
Kinks - In a space
Kinks - Introduction to solution
Kinks - It (i want it)
Kinks - It's all right
Kinks - It's alright (don't think about it)
Kinks - It's too late

Kinks - Jack the idiot dunce
Kinks - Johnny thunder
Kinks - Juke box music
Kinks - Just can't go to sleep

Kinks - Kentucky moon
Kinks - Killer's eyes
Kinks - Killing time
Kinks - King kong
Kinks - King of the whole wide world

Kinks - Labour of love
Kinks - Ladder of success
Kinks - Last of the steam-powered trains
Kinks - Lavender hill
Kinks - Lazy old sun
Kinks - Life goes on
Kinks - Life on the road
Kinks - Lincoln county
Kinks - Listen to me
Kinks - Little bit of emotion
Kinks - Little man in a little box
Kinks - Little miss queen of darkness
Kinks - Live life
Kinks - Living on a thin line
Kinks - Lola
Kinks - Long distance
Kinks - Long tall sally
Kinks - Long tall shorty
Kinks - Look a little on the sunny side
Kinks - Look for me baby
Kinks - Loony balloon
Kinks - Lost and found
Kinks - Louie louie
Kinks - Love me till the sun shines
Kinks - Low budget

Kinks - Massive reductions
Kinks - Maximum consumption
Kinks - Milk cow blues
Kinks - Mindless child of motherhood
Kinks - Mirror of love
Kinks - Misery
Kinks - Misfits
Kinks - Missing persons
Kinks - Misty water
Kinks - Monday, tuesday, wednesday
Kinks - Money & corruption / i am your man
Kinks - Money talks
Kinks - Monica
Kinks - Most exclusive residence for sale
Kinks - Motorway
Kinks - Mountain woman
Kinks - Moving pictures
Kinks - Mr. big man
Kinks - Mr. churchill says
Kinks - Mr. pleasant
Kinks - Mr. reporter
Kinks - Mr. shoemaker's daughter
Kinks - Mr. songbird
Kinks - Muswell hillbilly
Kinks - My diary

Kinks - Naggin' woman
Kinks - National health
Kinks - Natural gift
Kinks - Never met a girl like you before
Kinks - New world
Kinks - Nine to five
Kinks - No more looking back
Kinks - No return
Kinks - Nobody gives
Kinks - Nobody's fool
Kinks - Noise
Kinks - Nothin' in the world can stop me worryin' 'bout that girl
Kinks - Nothing lasts forever
Kinks - Nothing to say
Kinks - Now and then

Kinks - Oh where oh where is love?
Kinks - Oh! what a day it's gonna be
Kinks - Oklahoma u. s. a.
Kinks - On the outside
Kinks - Once a thief
Kinks - One fine day
Kinks - One of the survivors
Kinks - Only a dream
Kinks - Oobadiooba
Kinks - Ordinary people
Kinks - Out of the wardrobe
Kinks - Over the edge

Kinks - Party line
Kinks - People take pictures of each other
Kinks - Perfect strangers
Kinks - Permanent waves
Kinks - Phenomenal cat
Kinks - Phobia
Kinks - Picture book
Kinks - Pictures in the sand
Kinks - Plastic man
Kinks - Powerman
Kinks - Predictable
Kinks - Preservation
Kinks - Pressure
Kinks - Pretty polly
Kinks - Prince of the punks
Kinks - Property

Kinks - Rainy day in june
Kinks - Rats
Kinks - Repetition
Kinks - Ring the bells
Kinks - Rock 'n' roll cities
Kinks - Rosemary rose
Kinks - Rosy won't you please come home
Kinks - Rush hour blues

Kinks - Salvation road
Kinks - Sand on my shoes
Kinks - Scattered
Kinks - Schooldays
Kinks - Scrapheap city
Kinks - Scum of the earth
Kinks - Second-hand car spiv
Kinks - See my friends
Kinks - Session man
Kinks - Set me free
Kinks - Shangri-la
Kinks - She's bought a hat like princess marina
Kinks - She's my girl
Kinks - Shepherds of the nation
Kinks - Sitting by the riverside
Kinks - Sitting in my hotel
Kinks - Sitting in the midday sun
Kinks - Sitting on my sofa
Kinks - Situation vacant
Kinks - Skin and bone
Kinks - Sleepless night
Kinks - Sleepwalker
Kinks - Slum kids
Kinks - So long
Kinks - So mystifying
Kinks - Sold me out
Kinks - Some mother's son
Kinks - Somebody stole my car
Kinks - Something better beginning
Kinks - Starstruck
Kinks - State of confusion
Kinks - Still searching
Kinks - Stop your sobbing
Kinks - Stormy sky
Kinks - Strangers
Kinks - Such a shame
Kinks - Summer's gone
Kinks - Sunny afternoon
Kinks - Supersonic rocket ship
Kinks - Surviving
Kinks - Suzannah's still alive
Kinks - Sweet lady genevieve

Kinks - Tell me now so i'll know
Kinks - The contenders
Kinks - The first time we fall in love
Kinks - The hard way
Kinks - The informer
Kinks - The last assembly
Kinks - The million-pound-semi-detached
Kinks - The moneygoround
Kinks - The poseur
Kinks - The road
Kinks - The shirt
Kinks - The video shop
Kinks - The village green preservation society
Kinks - The world keeps going round
Kinks - There is no life without love
Kinks - There's a change in the weather
Kinks - There's a new world just opening for me
Kinks - Things are getting better
Kinks - Think visual
Kinks - This i know
Kinks - This is where i belong
Kinks - This man he weeps tonight
Kinks - This time tomorrow
Kinks - Till death do us part
Kinks - Till the end of the day
Kinks - Time will tell
Kinks - Tin soldier man
Kinks - Tired of waiting for you
Kinks - To the bone
Kinks - Tokyo
Kinks - Too hot
Kinks - Too much monkey business
Kinks - Too much on my mind
Kinks - Top of the pops
Kinks - Toymaker
Kinks - Trust your heart
Kinks - Two sisters

Kinks - Uk jive
Kinks - Uncle son
Kinks - Underneath the neon sign
Kinks - Unfinished business
Kinks - Unreal reality (the real thing)

Kinks - Victoria
Kinks - Village green

Kinks - Wait till the summer comes along
Kinks - Wall of fire
Kinks - War is over
Kinks - Waterloo sunset
Kinks - Welcome to sleazy town
Kinks - What are we doing
Kinks - What's in store for me
Kinks - When a solution comes
Kinks - When i see that girl of mine
Kinks - When i turn off the living room light
Kinks - When the wind blows (emergency)
Kinks - When work is over
Kinks - When you were a child
Kinks - Where are they now?
Kinks - Where did my spring go?
Kinks - Where have all the good times gone
Kinks - Who'll be the next in line
Kinks - Wicked annabella
Kinks - Wish i could fly like superman
Kinks - Wonder boy
Kinks - Wonder where my baby is tonight
Kinks - Word of mouth
Kinks - Working at the factory

Kinks - Yes sir, no sir
Kinks - Yo-yo
Kinks - You can't stop the music
Kinks - You can't win
Kinks - You do something to me
Kinks - You don't know my name
Kinks - You make it all worthwhile
Kinks - You really got me
Kinks - You shouldn't be sad
Kinks - You still want me
Kinks - You're looking fine
Kinks - Young and innocent days
Kinks - Young conservatives
Kinks - Yours truly, confused n10

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