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Kiss lyrics

Kiss - 100, 000 years
Kiss - 100000 years
Kiss - 1974
Kiss - 1979
Kiss - 2, 000 man

Kiss - A million to one
Kiss - A world without heroes
Kiss - Ain't quite right
Kiss - All american man
Kiss - All hell's breakin' loose
Kiss - All the way
Kiss - Almost human
Kiss - And on the 8th day
Kiss - Any way you slice it
Kiss - Any way you want it
Kiss - Anything for my baby

Kiss - Baby driver
Kiss - Bang bang you
Kiss - Because i'm a girl
Kiss - Because i'm a girl (japoneza)
Kiss - Because i'm a girl (korean)
Kiss - Because i'm a girl (romana)
Kiss - Because i'm a girl (spaniola)
Kiss - Because i'n a girl (english)
Kiss - Beth
Kiss - Betrayed
Kiss - Black diamond
Kiss - Boomerang
Kiss - Burn bitch burn
Kiss - Burning up with fever

Kiss - C'mon and love me
Kiss - Cadillac dreams
Kiss - Calling dr. love
Kiss - Charisma
Kiss - Childhood's end
Kiss - Christine sixteen
Kiss - Cold gin
Kiss - Comin' home
Kiss - Crazy crazy nights
Kiss - Crazy, crazy nights
Kiss - Creatures of the night

Kiss - Dance all over your face
Kiss - Danger
Kiss - Dark light
Kiss - Detroit rock city
Kiss - Deuce
Kiss - Dirty livin'
Kiss - Do you love me
Kiss - Do you love me?
Kiss - Domino
Kiss - Don't you let me down
Kiss - Down on your knees
Kiss - Dreaming

Kiss - Easy as it seems
Kiss - Easy thing
Kiss - Every time i look at you
Kiss - Exciter

Kiss - Firehouse
Kiss - Fits like a glove
Kiss - Flaming youth
Kiss - Forever

Kiss - Get all you can take
Kiss - Getaway
Kiss - Gimme more
Kiss - God gave rock 'n' roll to you ii
Kiss - God gave rock n roll to you ii
Kiss - God of thunder
Kiss - Goin' blind
Kiss - Good girl gone bad
Kiss - Goodbye
Kiss - Got love for sale
Kiss - Got to choose
Kiss - Great expectations

Kiss - Hard luck woman
Kiss - Hard times
Kiss - Hate
Kiss - Heart of chrome
Kiss - Heaven's on fire
Kiss - Hell or high water
Kiss - Hide your heart
Kiss - Hold me touch me
Kiss - Hooked on rock n roll
Kiss - Hooligan
Kiss - Hotter than hell

Kiss - I
Kiss - I can't stop the rain
Kiss - I confess
Kiss - I finally found my way
Kiss - I finally found my way to you
Kiss - I just wanna
Kiss - I love it loud
Kiss - I pledge allegiance
Kiss - I pledge allegiance to the state of rock and roll
Kiss - I still love you
Kiss - I stole your love
Kiss - I walk alone
Kiss - I want you
Kiss - I was made for lovin' you
Kiss - I was made for loving you
Kiss - I will be there
Kiss - I'll fight hell to hold you
Kiss - I'm a legend tonight
Kiss - I'm alive
Kiss - I'm gonna love you
Kiss - I'm in need of love
Kiss - I've had enough
Kiss - I've had enough (into the fire)
Kiss - In my head
Kiss - In the mirror
Kiss - In your face
Kiss - Into the void
Kiss - Is that you
Kiss - Is that you?
Kiss - It never goes away
Kiss - It's alright

Kiss - Journey of 1, 000 years
Kiss - Just a boy

Kiss - Keep me comin'
Kiss - Killer
Kiss - King of hearts
Kiss - King of the mountain
Kiss - King of the night time world
Kiss - Kis-because i'm a girl (engleza, japoneza)
Kiss - Kiss the girl goodbye
Kiss - Kissin' time

Kiss - Ladies in waiting
Kiss - Ladies room
Kiss - Larger than life
Kiss - Let me go rock 'n' roll
Kiss - Let me go rock n roll
Kiss - Let me know
Kiss - Let's put the x in s*x
Kiss - Lick it up
Kiss - Little caesar
Kiss - Living in sin
Kiss - Lonely is the hunter
Kiss - Love 'em and leave 'em
Kiss - Love gun
Kiss - Love her all i can
Kiss - Love in chains
Kiss - Love's a deadly weapon
Kiss - Love's a slap in the face

Kiss - Magic touch
Kiss - Mainline
Kiss - Makin' love
Kiss - Man of 1, 000 faces
Kiss - Master and slave
Kiss - Master slave
Kiss - Move on
Kiss - Mr. blackwell
Kiss - Mr. speed
Kiss - Murder in high-heels
Kiss - My way

Kiss - Naked city
Kiss - New york groove
Kiss - No no no
Kiss - No, no, no
Kiss - Not for the innocent
Kiss - Nothin' to lose
Kiss - Nothing can keep me from you
Kiss - Nowhere to run

Kiss - Odyssey
Kiss - Of scoala
Kiss - Only you
Kiss - Ozone

Kiss - Paralyzed
Kiss - Parasite
Kiss - Partners in crime
Kiss - Plaster caster
Kiss - Prisoner of love
Kiss - Psycho circus

Kiss - Radar for love
Kiss - Radio active
Kiss - Rain
Kiss - Raise your glasses
Kiss - Read my body
Kiss - Reason to live
Kiss - Rip it out
Kiss - Rise to it
Kiss - Rock and roll all nite
Kiss - Rock and roll hell
Kiss - Rock bottom
Kiss - Rock hard
Kiss - Rock me baby
Kiss - Rock n roll all nite
Kiss - Rock n roll hell
Kiss - Rock n roll party
Kiss - Rocket ride
Kiss - Rockin' in the u. s. a
Kiss - Rockin' in the u. s. a.
Kiss - Room service

Kiss - Saint and sinner
Kiss - Save your love
Kiss - Secretly cruel
Kiss - Seduction of the innocent
Kiss - See you in your dreams
Kiss - See you tonite
Kiss - Shandi
Kiss - She
Kiss - She's so european
Kiss - Shock me
Kiss - Shout it out loud
Kiss - Silver spoon
Kiss - Snow blind
Kiss - Somewhere between heaven and hell
Kiss - Speedin' back to my baby
Kiss - Spit
Kiss - Strange ways
Kiss - Strutter
Kiss - Strutter '78
Kiss - Sure know something
Kiss - Sweet pain

Kiss - Take it off
Kiss - Take me
Kiss - Take me away
Kiss - Talk to me
Kiss - Tears are falling
Kiss - That's the kind of sugar papa likes
Kiss - The jungle
Kiss - The oath
Kiss - The street giveth and the street taketh away
Kiss - Then she kissed me
Kiss - Thief in the night
Kiss - Thou shalt not
Kiss - Thrills in the night
Kiss - Tomorrow
Kiss - Tomorrow and tonight
Kiss - Tonight you belong to me
Kiss - Torpedo girl
Kiss - Tossin' and turnin'
Kiss - Tough love
Kiss - Trial by fire
Kiss - True confessions
Kiss - Tunnel of love
Kiss - Turn on the night
Kiss - Two sides of the coin
Kiss - Two timer

Kiss - Uh all night
Kiss - Uh! all night
Kiss - Under the gun
Kiss - Under the rose
Kiss - Unholy

Kiss - Wanna be a popstar
Kiss - War machine
Kiss - Watchin' you
Kiss - We are one
Kiss - We're one
Kiss - What makes the world go 'round
Kiss - What's on your mind
Kiss - When you wish upon a star
Kiss - When your walls come down
Kiss - While the city sleeps
Kiss - Who wants to be lonely
Kiss - Wiped out
Kiss - Within
Kiss - Wouldn't you like to know me

Kiss - X-ray eyes

Kiss - You love me to hate you
Kiss - You make me rock hard
Kiss - You matter to me
Kiss - You wanted the best
Kiss - You're all that i want
Kiss - Young and wasted

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