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Lobo lyrics

Lobo - A big red kite
Lobo - A cowboy afraid of horses
Lobo - A day in the life of a love
Lobo - A little different
Lobo - A simple man
Lobo - Ace
Lobo - All for the love of a girl
Lobo - Always up
Lobo - Am i true to myself
Lobo - Another hill to climb
Lobo - Armstrong
Lobo - At first sight

Lobo - Cecil jones
Lobo - Come with me
Lobo - Country feelings

Lobo - Daydream believer
Lobo - Don't expect me to be your friend
Lobo - Don't spend too much of today on yesterday
Lobo - Don't tell me goodnight

Lobo - Everyday is my way

Lobo - Glory
Lobo - Goodbye is just another word
Lobo - Gus, the dancing dog
Lobo - Gypsy and the midnight ghost

Lobo - He's right - damn him
Lobo - Heart to heart (person to person)
Lobo - Holding on for dear love
Lobo - Hope you're proud of me girl
Lobo - How can i tell her

Lobo - I believe in everything
Lobo - I don't wanna make love anymore
Lobo - I never had it so good
Lobo - I'd love you to want me
Lobo - I'm only sleeping
Lobo - I'm the only one
Lobo - It sure took a long, long time
Lobo - It's everywhere
Lobo - It's time to face the music and dance

Lobo - Lay me down
Lobo - Let me down easy
Lobo - Let's get together
Lobo - Let's have a hand for susanne
Lobo - Little joe (they're out to get ya)
Lobo - Lodi
Lobo - Love me for what i am

Lobo - Me and you and a dog named boo
Lobo - Morning sun
Lobo - My first time
Lobo - My momma had soul

Lobo - One and the same thing
Lobo - One more time

Lobo - Pee-ro juan valdez sam quixote

Lobo - Reaching out for someone
Lobo - Reason to believe
Lobo - Recycle sally
Lobo - Rings
Lobo - Rock and roll days
Lobo - Running deer

Lobo - She didn't do magic
Lobo - Someone to love
Lobo - Something to see me through
Lobo - Spendin' time, makin' love and going crazy
Lobo - Standing at the end of the line
Lobo - Stoney

Lobo - The albatross
Lobo - The shelter of your eyes
Lobo - The war to end all wars
Lobo - The way i came in
Lobo - Then i met you
Lobo - There ain't no way
Lobo - Thinking of you
Lobo - Three pick-ups
Lobo - Toll road
Lobo - Try

Lobo - Universal soldier

Lobo - We can make it
Lobo - We'll be one by two today
Lobo - We'll make it... i know we will
Lobo - Where were you when i was falling in love
Lobo - Why is it me
Lobo - Would i still have you

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