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Madness lyrics

Madness - 4 am

Madness - A day on the town
Madness - Airplane
Madness - Are you comming with me

Madness - Baggy trousers
Madness - Bed and breakfast man
Madness - Believe me
Madness - Benny bullfrog
Madness - Blue skinned beast
Madness - Brand new beat
Madness - Burning the boats

Madness - Calling cards
Madness - Cardiac arrest
Madness - Chipmonks are go
Madness - Close escape
Madness - Coldest day
Madness - Crying shame

Madness - Day on the town
Madness - Disappear
Madness - Drip fed fred
Madness - Driving in my car

Madness - E. r. n. i. e
Madness - Embarrasment
Madness - Embarrassment
Madness - Ernie

Madness - Give me a reason
Madness - Going to the top
Madness - Grey day

Madness - House of fun

Madness - I'll compete
Madness - If i didn't care
Madness - In the city
Madness - In the middle of the night
Madness - In the rain
Madness - It must be love

Madness - Johnny the horse

Madness - Keep moving

Madness - Land of hope and glory
Madness - Lovestruck

Madness - Mad not mad
Madness - Madness
Madness - March of the gherkins
Madness - Michael caine
Madness - Missing you
Madness - Mistakes
Madness - Mr speaker gets the word
Madness - Mrs hutchenson
Madness - Mummy's boy
Madness - My girl

Madness - Never ask twice
Madness - New delhi
Madness - Night boat to cairo
Madness - No money
Madness - Not home today

Madness - On the beat pete
Madness - One better day
Madness - One step beyond
Madness - Our house
Madness - Overdone

Madness - Pac-a-mac
Madness - Perfect place
Madness - Primrose hill
Madness - Promises promises
Madness - Prospects

Madness - Razor blade alley
Madness - Rise and fall
Madness - Rockin in ab
Madness - Rockin' in ab

Madness - Samantha
Madness - Saturday night sunday morning
Madness - Shadow of fear
Madness - Shadow on my house
Madness - Shut up
Madness - Sign of the times
Madness - Solid gone
Madness - Sunday morning
Madness - Sweetest girl

Madness - Take it or leave it
Madness - Tarzan's nuts
Madness - Tears you can't hide
Madness - That face
Madness - That's the way to do it
Madness - The coldest day
Madness - The communicator
Madness - The ghost train
Madness - The prince
Madness - The sun and the rain
Madness - The wizard
Madness - The young and the old
Madness - Time
Madness - Time for tea
Madness - Tiptoes
Madness - Tomorrow's dreams
Madness - Tomorrow's just another day
Madness - Turning blue

Madness - Uncle sam

Madness - Victoria gardens

Madness - Waltz into mischief
Madness - When dawn arrives
Madness - White heat
Madness - Wings of a dove

Madness - Yesterday's man
Madness - You said

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