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Petra lyrics

Petra - 'till everything i do

Petra - (couldn't find love) without you

Petra - A matter of time
Petra - Adonai
Petra - All fired up
Petra - All over me
Petra - All the king's horses
Petra - Altar ego
Petra - Amazing grace
Petra - Amigos
Petra - Amo al señor
Petra - Ancient of days
Petra - Angel of light
Petra - Another crossroad
Petra - Armed and dangerous
Petra - Ask him in

Petra - Back to the street
Petra - Backslidin' blues
Petra - Be of good cheer
Petra - Beat the system
Petra - Believer in deed
Petra - Bema seat
Petra - Better is one day
Petra - Beyond belief
Petra - Blinded eyes
Petra - Breathe in

Petra - Chameleon
Petra - Clamaré a mi señor
Petra - Clean
Petra - Come and join us
Petra - Computer brains
Petra - Counsel of the holy
Petra - Creed
Petra - Cristo glorioso rey

Petra - Dance
Petra - Dead reckoning
Petra - Deep love
Petra - Defector
Petra - Destiny
Petra - Disciple
Petra - Don't let your heart be hardened

Petra - El rey de gloria entrará
Petra - Enter in

Petra - Falling
Petra - Falling up
Petra - Father of lights
Petra - First love
Petra - Fool's gold
Petra - For all your worth
Petra - For annie
Petra - Friends (all in the family of god)

Petra - Get back to the bible
Petra - Get on your knees and fight like a man
Petra - God fixation
Petra - God gave rock and roll to you
Petra - Godpleaser
Petra - Gonna fly away
Petra - Good news
Petra - Graverobber

Petra - Hallowed be thy name
Petra - Hand on my heart
Petra - He came, he saw, he conquered
Petra - He's been in my shoes
Petra - Heart of a hero
Petra - Hello again
Petra - Hey world
Petra - Hit you where you live
Petra - Hollow eyes
Petra - Holy ghost power
Petra - Homeless few
Petra - How long

Petra - I am available
Petra - I am on the rock
Petra - I can be friends with you
Petra - I love the lord
Petra - I love you, lord
Petra - I need to hear from you
Petra - I waited for the lord on high
Petra - I will call upon the lord
Petra - I will celebrate / when the spirit of the lord
Petra - I will seek you
Petra - I will sing praise
Petra - I'm not ashamed
Petra - I'm thankful
Petra - If i had to die for someone
Petra - In the likeness of you
Petra - It is finished
Petra - It's all about who you know

Petra - Jekyll & hyde
Petra - Jesus, friend of sinners
Petra - Jesus, jesus, glorious one
Petra - Judas' kiss
Petra - Just reach out

Petra - Kenaniah
Petra - Killing my old man
Petra - King of kings
Petra - King's ransom

Petra - La batalla es de nuestro señor
Petra - La salvación es de nuestro dios
Petra - Last daze
Petra - Let everything that hath breath
Petra - Let our voices rise like incense
Petra - Life as we know it
Petra - Lift him up
Petra - Lord, i lift your name on high
Petra - Love
Petra - Lovely lord
Petra - Lucas mcgraw

Petra - Magic mirror
Petra - Magic words
Petra - Magnet of the world
Petra - Marks of the cross
Petra - Mary's song
Petra - Medley
Petra - Meet with me
Petra - Midnight oil
Petra - Mine field
Petra - More power to ya
Petra - More than a thousand words
Petra - More than words
Petra - Morning star
Petra - Mountains and valleys

Petra - Never say die
Petra - No doubt
Petra - No weapon formed against us shall prosper
Petra - Not by sight
Petra - Not of this world

Petra - Oasis
Petra - Occupy
Petra - Open book
Petra - Over the horizon

Petra - Parting thought
Petra - Perfect world
Petra - Pied piper
Petra - Praise ye the lord
Petra - Prayer
Petra - Praying man

Petra - Ready, willing, and able
Petra - Rey de reyes
Petra - Right place
Petra - Road to zion
Petra - Rose-colored stained glass windows
Petra - Run for cover
Petra - Run for the prize

Petra - Sacred trust
Petra - Sally
Petra - Salvation belongs to our god
Petra - Satisfy
Petra - Second wind
Petra - Secret weapon
Petra - Seen and not heard
Petra - Send revival
Petra - Señor llévame a tus atrios
Petra - Set for life
Petra - Shadow of a doubt
Petra - Shakin the house
Petra - Show your power
Petra - Sight unseen
Petra - Sincerely yours
Petra - Sleeping giant
Petra - Somebody's gonna praise his name
Petra - Song of moses
Petra - Speak to the sky
Petra - St. augustine's pears
Petra - Stand
Petra - Stand in the gap
Petra - Stand up
Petra - Storm comin'
Petra - Strong convictions

Petra - Take me in
Petra - Taste and see
Petra - Te alabo
Petra - Test of time
Petra - Thankful heart
Petra - The battle belongs to the lord
Petra - The coloring song
Petra - The holiest name
Petra - The invitation
Petra - The king of glory shall come in
Petra - The longing
Petra - The noise we make
Petra - The prodigal's song
Petra - The water is alive
Petra - Think on these things
Petra - This means war
Petra - Tu nombre santo es
Petra - Two are better than one

Petra - Underground
Petra - Underneath the blood

Petra - Voice in the wind

Petra - Wake up
Petra - Walkin' in the light
Petra - We hold our hearts out to you
Petra - We need jesus
Petra - We want to see jesus lifted high
Petra - What's in a name
Petra - Where can i go
Petra - Who's on the lord's side
Petra - Whole world
Petra - Why should the father bother?
Petra - Witch hunt
Petra - Without him we can do nothing
Petra - Without you i would surely die
Petra - Woman don't you know
Petra - Would'a, should'a, could'a

Petra - Yahweh love
Petra - Yo celebraré / el espíritu de dios
Petra - You are i am
Petra - You are my rock

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