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Police lyrics

Police - 0
Police - 3 o'clock

Police - A sermon
Police - After the rain has fallen
Police - Ain't no sunshine
Police - All for love
Police - All for seasons
Police - All this time
Police - All would envy
Police - Almost there
Police - Angel eyes
Police - Another day
Police - Another pyramid
Police - As the years go passing by
Police - Away from home

Police - Baby please don't go
Police - Be my girl
Police - Be my girl - sally
Police - Be my girl sally
Police - Be still my beating heart
Police - Bed's too big without you
Police - Beneath a desert moon
Police - Big lie small world
Police - Black and white army
Police - Bombs away
Police - Born in the '50s
Police - Born in the 50's
Police - Brand new day
Police - Bring on the night
Police - Broken lady

Police - Can't stand losing
Police - Can't stand losing you
Police - Can't stand losing you
Police - Can't standing losing you
Police - Canary in a coalmine
Police - Carrion prince
Police - Carry me back
Police - Children's crusade
Police - Codeword elvis
Police - Coffe song
Police - Colored rain
Police - Come down in time
Police - Consider me gone
Police - Contact
Police - Conversation with a dog
Police - Cry of angels

Police - De do do do de da da da
Police - Dead end job
Police - Deathwish
Police - Demolition man
Police - Does everyone stare
Police - Don't stand so close to me
Police - Driven to tears

Police - Every breath you take
Police - Every little thing she does is magic

Police - Friends

Police - Heaven (never seemed so far away)
Police - History will teach us nothing
Police - Hole in my life
Police - Hungry for you (j'aurais toujours faim de toi)

Police - Invisible sun
Police - It's alright for you

Police - King of pain

Police - Man in a suitcase
Police - Message in a bottle
Police - Miss gradenko
Police - Mother
Police - Murder by numbers

Police - Next to you
Police - No time this time
Police - Nothing about me
Police - Nothing achieving

Police - O my god
Police - Omegaman
Police - On any other day
Police - One world (not three)

Police - Peanuts

Police - Rehumanize yourself
Police - River deep mountain high
Police - Roxanne

Police - Sally
Police - Secret journey
Police - Shadows in the rain
Police - So lonely
Police - Spirits in the material world
Police - Synchronicity
Police - Synchronicity i
Police - Synchronicity ii

Police - Tea in the sahara
Police - The bed's too big without you
Police - The change
Police - Too much information
Police - Truth hits everybody

Police - Walking on the moon
Police - Walkining in your footsteps
Police - When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around
Police - World war three
Police - Wrapped around your finger

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