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Sting - 3 o'clock shot

Sting - A thousand years
Sting - After the rain has fallen
Sting - Ain't no sunshine
Sting - All for love
Sting - All four seasons
Sting - All this time
Sting - An englishman in new york
Sting - Angel eyes
Sting - Another day
Sting - Another pyramid
Sting - As the years go passing by
Sting - Away from home

Sting - Baby please don't go
Sting - Be my girl - sally
Sting - Be still my beating heart
Sting - Beneath a desert moon
Sting - Big lie small world
Sting - Big lie, small world
Sting - Black and white army
Sting - Brand new day
Sting - Bring on the night
Sting - Broken lady

Sting - Can't stand losing you
Sting - Carrion prince
Sting - Children's crusade
Sting - Consider me gone
Sting - Conversation with a dog
Sting - Cushie butterfield

Sting - Dead end job
Sting - Dead man's rope
Sting - Demolition man
Sting - Desert rose
Sting - Desrt rose
Sting - Don't stand so close to me
Sting - Down so long
Sting - Driven to tears

Sting - Ellas danzan solas (cueca solas)
Sting - Ellas danzan solas cueca solas
Sting - End of the game
Sting - Englishman in new york
Sting - Epilouge
Sting - Epilouge (nothing 'bout me)
Sting - Every breath you take
Sting - Every breath you take (feat Robert Downey Jr)
Sting - Every day's the same
Sting - Every little thing she does is magic
Sting - Everybody laughed but you

Sting - Fields of gold
Sting - Fill her up
Sting - Forget about the future
Sting - Fortress around your heart
Sting - Fragil (portuguese)
Sting - Fragile
Sting - Fragilidad (spanish)

Sting - Gabriel's message
Sting - Get up stand up
Sting - Ghost story

Sting - Heavy cloud no rain
Sting - History will teach us nothing
Sting - Hung my head

Sting - I am so happy i can't stop crying
Sting - I burn for you
Sting - I hung my head
Sting - I need you like this hole in my head
Sting - I saw three ships
Sting - I was brought to my senses
Sting - I'm so happy i can't stop crying
Sting - If i ever lose my faith in you
Sting - If you love somebody set them free
Sting - Inside
Sting - Island of souls
Sting - It ain't necessarily so
Sting - It's a lonesome old town
Sting - It's probably me
Sting - It's probably me
Sting - It's probally me

Sting - January stars
Sting - Jeremiah blues (part 1)

Sting - La belle dame sans regrets
Sting - Lazarus heart
Sting - Let your soul be your pilot
Sting - Lithium sunset
Sting - Little wing
Sting - Love is stronger than justice
Sting - Love is the seventh wave
Sting - Love's stronger than justice
Sting - Loves the seventh wave
Sting - Low life
Sting - Lullaby to an anxious child

Sting - Mack the knife
Sting - Mad about you
Sting - MaƱana
Sting - Mariposa libre
Sting - Message in a bottle
Sting - Moon over bourbon street
Sting - Moonlight
Sting - Morning
Sting - Muoio per te
Sting - My funny friend and me
Sting - My one and only love

Sting - Ne me quitte pas
Sting - Ne me quitte pas (english)
Sting - Never coming home
Sting - Nothing about me
Sting - Nothing achieving

Sting - One world
Sting - One world (not three)
Sting - Only you

Sting - Perfect love gone wrong
Sting - Prelude to the end of the game

Sting - Rock steady
Sting - Roxanne
Sting - Russians

Sting - Sacred love
Sting - Saint augustine in hell
Sting - Send your love
Sting - Seven days
Sting - Shadows in the rain
Sting - Shape of my heart
Sting - She's too good for me
Sting - Shipyard (feat Jimmy Nail, Brian Johnson & Jo Lawry)
Sting - Si estamos juntos
Sting - Sister moon
Sting - Someone to watch over me
Sting - Something the boy said
Sting - Spread a little happiness
Sting - Stolen car
Sting - Straight to my heart
Sting - Strange fruit

Sting - Take me to the sunshine
Sting - Tea in the sahara
Sting - The book of my life
Sting - The hounds of winter
Sting - The lazarus heart
Sting - The mighty
Sting - The pirate's bride
Sting - The secret marriage
Sting - The soul cages
Sting - The wild wild sea
Sting - The wind cries mary
Sting - They dance alone
Sting - This cowboy song
Sting - This war
Sting - This was never meant to be
Sting - Three steps to heaven
Sting - Tomorrow we'll see
Sting - Tutti frutti
Sting - Twenty five to midnight

Sting - Until
Sting - Up from the skies

Sting - Valparaiso
Sting - Vengo del sur

Sting - Walking on the moon
Sting - Waters of tyne
Sting - We work the black seam
Sting - We'll be together
Sting - We're sending our love down the well
Sting - When the angels fall
Sting - When the world is running down you make the best of what's still around
Sting - When the world is running down, you make the best of what's stil
Sting - When we dance
Sting - Whenever i say your name
Sting - Why should i cry for you
Sting - Why should i cry for you?
Sting - Windmills of your mind

Sting - You still touch me

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