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Supremes - A breath taking guy
Supremes - A breathtaking guy
Supremes - A change is gonna come
Supremes - A dream is a wish your heart makes
Supremes - A lover's concerto
Supremes - A place in the sun
Supremes - A place in the sun (w. the temptations)
Supremes - A taste of honey
Supremes - Ain't no mountain high enough
Supremes - Ain't no mountain high enough (w. the temptations)
Supremes - Ain't nothing like the real thing
Supremes - Ain't nothing like the real thing (w. the temptations)
Supremes - All i know about you
Supremes - Any girl in love
Supremes - Aquarius /let the sunshine in
Supremes - Are you sure love is the name of this game
Supremes - Ask any girl
Supremes - Automatically sunshine

Supremes - Baby doll
Supremes - Baby love
Supremes - Back in my arms again
Supremes - Bah bah bah
Supremes - Beach ball
Supremes - Because
Supremes - Big spender
Supremes - Blue moon

Supremes - Can't shake it loose
Supremes - Can't take my eyes off you
Supremes - Can't take my eyes off you (w. the temptations)
Supremes - Chains of love
Supremes - Coca-cola commercial (special lyrics to baby love)
Supremes - Coca-cola commercial (special lyrics to when the lovelight starts shiningthrough his eyes)
Supremes - Come on and see me
Supremes - Come on boy
Supremes - Come see about me
Supremes - Comin' out

Supremes - Didn't we
Supremes - Discover me
Supremes - Does your mama know about me
Supremes - Don't break these chains of love

Supremes - Eleanor rigby/do you know the way to san jose? /mrs. robinson
Supremes - Everything's good about you

Supremes - Falling in love with love
Supremes - Floy joy
Supremes - For better or worse (w. the temptations)
Supremes - Forever came today
Supremes - Funky broadway (w. the temptations)
Supremes - Funny how time slips away

Supremes - He means the world to me
Supremes - He's all i got
Supremes - He's my sunny boy
Supremes - Heaven must have sent you
Supremes - Heigh-ho
Supremes - Honey bee
Supremes - How long has that evening train been gone

Supremes - I hear a symphony
Supremes - I know i'm losing you
Supremes - I second that emotion (w. the temptations)
Supremes - I'll be doggone (w. the temptations)
Supremes - I'll set you free
Supremes - I'll try something new
Supremes - I'll try something new (w. the temptations)
Supremes - I'm gonna make it
Supremes - I'm gonna make you love me
Supremes - I'm gonna make you love me (w. the temptations)
Supremes - I'm living in shame
Supremes - I'm the greatest star
Supremes - I'm woman
Supremes - If a girl isn't pretty
Supremes - If i ruled the world
Supremes - In and out of love
Supremes - It makes no difference now
Supremes - It's all your fault
Supremes - It's alright with me

Supremes - Just a little misunderstanding
Supremes - Just a normal day

Supremes - Keep an eye
Supremes - Keep on stinging me

Supremes - Lazy bones
Supremes - Let's get away from it all
Supremes - Little girl blue
Supremes - Love child
Supremes - Love's here and now you're gone
Supremes - Love's in our hearts
Supremes - Love's like an itching in my heart
Supremes - Lover

Supremes - Make someone happy
Supremes - Manhattan
Supremes - Michelle
Supremes - Misery makes its home in my heart
Supremes - More
Supremes - My christmas tree
Supremes - My guy, my girl (w. the temptations)
Supremes - My heart can't take it no more
Supremes - My man
Supremes - My world is empty without you

Supremes - Nathan jones
Supremes - No matter what sign you are
Supremes - Nothing but heartaches
Supremes - Nothing can change this love

Supremes - Ode to billie joe
Supremes - Ooowee baby
Supremes - Our day will come

Supremes - Penny pincher
Supremes - Put on a happy face
Supremes - Put yourself in my place

Supremes - Queen of the house

Supremes - Reach out and touch
Supremes - Reflections
Supremes - Respect
Supremes - Rock-a-bye your baby with a dixie melody

Supremes - Sam cooke medley
Supremes - Save me a star
Supremes - Send me no flowers
Supremes - Sincerely
Supremes - Sing a simple song (w. the temptations)
Supremes - Sleep walk
Supremes - Some things you never get used to
Supremes - Someday my prince will come
Supremes - Someday we'll be together
Supremes - Somewhere
Supremes - Stoned love
Supremes - Stop in the name of love
Supremes - Stranger in paradise
Supremes - Stubborn kind of fellow (w. the temptations)
Supremes - Sunset
Supremes - Surfer boy
Supremes - Swept away

Supremes - Tcb
Supremes - Tears in vain
Supremes - The ballad of davy crocket
Supremes - The beginning of the end
Supremes - The blue room
Supremes - The boy from ipanema
Supremes - The composer
Supremes - The happening
Supremes - The impossible dream
Supremes - The impossible dream (w. the temptations)
Supremes - The lady is a tramp
Supremes - The man with the rock n roll banjo band
Supremes - The only time i'm happy
Supremes - The way you do the things you do
Supremes - The weight (w. the temptations)
Supremes - The young folks
Supremes - Then
Supremes - Then (w. the temptations)
Supremes - These boots are made for walking
Supremes - This guy's in love with you (w. the temptations)
Supremes - Thoroughly modernmillie/second hand rose/mame
Supremes - Those d. j. shows
Supremes - Too hurt too cry too much in love too say goodbye
Supremes - Treat me nice john henry
Supremes - Try it baby (w. the temptations)
Supremes - Tumbling tumble weeds

Supremes - Unchained melody
Supremes - Up the ladder to the roof
Supremes - Up up and away
Supremes - Uptight
Supremes - Uptight (everything's alright) (w. the temptations)

Supremes - We couldn't get along without you
Supremes - What the world needs now is love
Supremes - When the lovelight starts shining through his eyes
Supremes - When you wish upon a star
Supremes - Where did our love go?
Supremes - Who can i turn to
Supremes - Why (must we fall in love) (w. the temptations)
Supremes - Will this be the day
Supremes - With a song in my heart
Supremes - Without a song
Supremes - Wonderful wonderful

Supremes - Yesterday
Supremes - You ain't living 'till you're loving
Supremes - You can't hurry love
Supremes - You didn't care
Supremes - You keep me hangin' on
Supremes - You keep me hanging on
Supremes - You need me
Supremes - You took advantage of me
Supremes - You're nobody 'til somebody loves you
Supremes - You've been so wonderful to me

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