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Temptations lyrics

Temptations - A place in the sun
Temptations - A song for you
Temptations - A taste of honey
Temptations - A tear from a woman's eyes
Temptations - Act fast
Temptations - Aiming at your heart
Temptations - Ain't no mountain high enough
Temptations - Ain't nothing like the real thing
Temptations - Ain't too proud to beg
Temptations - All i need
Temptations - Angel doll

Temptations - Baby, baby i need you
Temptations - Back to school again
Temptations - Ball of confusion (that's what the world is today)
Temptations - Beauty is only skin deep
Temptations - Born to love you
Temptations - Build me up buttercup

Temptations - Camouflage
Temptations - Can't take my eyes off you
Temptations - Check yourself
Temptations - Christmas song
Temptations - Cloud nine

Temptations - Dinah
Temptations - Don't let him take your love from me
Temptations - Don't let the joneses get you down
Temptations - Don't look back
Temptations - Don't send me away

Temptations - Eenie, meenie, minie, moe
Temptations - Everything for christmas

Temptations - Fading away
Temptations - Farewell my love
Temptations - Firefly
Temptations - For better or worse
Temptations - For once in my life
Temptations - Funky broadway

Temptations - Get ready
Temptations - Girl (why you wanna make me blue)
Temptations - Give love on christmas day
Temptations - Gonna give her all the love i've got
Temptations - Gonna keep on trying till i win your love

Temptations - Happy landing
Temptations - Hello young lovers
Temptations - Hey girl (i like your style)
Temptations - Hey jude
Temptations - How can i forget
Temptations - How he could hurt you

Temptations - I can't get next to you
Temptations - I can't think of a thing at all
Temptations - I could never love another (after loving you)
Temptations - I couldn't cry if i wanted to
Temptations - I gotta find a way (to get you back)
Temptations - I heard it through the grapevine
Temptations - I know i'm losing you
Temptations - I need your lovin'
Temptations - I second that emotion
Temptations - I truly, truly believe
Temptations - I wanna get next to you
Temptations - I want a love i can see
Temptations - I wish it would rain
Temptations - I'll be doggone
Temptations - I'll be in trouble
Temptations - I'll love you till i die
Temptations - I'll try something new
Temptations - I'm gonna make you love me
Temptations - I'm gonna make you love me (duet with the supremes)
Temptations - I'm ready for love
Temptations - I'm the exception to the rule
Temptations - I've been good to you
Temptations - I've got heaven right here on earth
Temptations - I've passed this way before
Temptations - In his kiss
Temptations - Isn't she pretty
Temptations - It's growing
Temptations - It's summer

Temptations - Just another lonely night
Temptations - Just let me know
Temptations - Just my imagination (running away with me)
Temptations - Just one last look

Temptations - Lean on me
Temptations - Little drummer boy

Temptations - Masterpiece
Temptations - Message from a black man
Temptations - My christmas tree
Temptations - My girl
Temptations - My guy, my girl

Temptations - Night and day
Temptations - No more water in the well

Temptations - Oh, mother of mine
Temptations - Ol' man river

Temptations - Papa was a rollin' stone
Temptations - Paradise
Temptations - Please return your love to me
Temptations - Psychedelic shack

Temptations - Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Temptations - Runaway child, running wild

Temptations - Santa claus is coming to town
Temptations - Shakey ground
Temptations - Silent night
Temptations - Silver bells
Temptations - Since i lost my baby
Temptations - Sing a simple song
Temptations - Smiling faces sometimes
Temptations - Someday at christmas
Temptations - Somewhere
Temptations - Stand by me
Temptations - Standing on the top (duet with rick james)
Temptations - Stay
Temptations - Stubborn kind of fellow
Temptations - Sugar pie, honey bunch

Temptations - Take a look around
Temptations - Tear from a woman's eyes
Temptations - That's life
Temptations - That's the way love is
Temptations - The first time ever (i saw your face)
Temptations - The further you look, the less you see
Temptations - The girl's alright with me
Temptations - The impossible dream
Temptations - The impossible dream (duet with the supremes)
Temptations - The way you do the things you do
Temptations - The weight
Temptations - Then
Temptations - This guy's in love with you
Temptations - This is my promise
Temptations - Treat her like a lady
Temptations - Try it baby
Temptations - Try to remember

Temptations - Uptight (everything's alright)

Temptations - What love has joined together
Temptations - What's so good about good-bye
Temptations - White christmas
Temptations - Who can i turn to (when nobody needs me)
Temptations - Who's lovin' you
Temptations - Why (must we fall in love)
Temptations - With these hands

Temptations - You beat me to the punch
Temptations - You make your own heaven and hell right here on earth
Temptations - You'll lose a precious love
Temptations - You're my dream come true
Temptations - You're my everything
Temptations - You've really got a hold on me

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