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Toto lyrics

Toto - 2 hearts
Toto - 99

Toto - A million miles away
Toto - A secret love
Toto - A thousand years
Toto - Afraid of love
Toto - Africa
Toto - After you've gone
Toto - All us boys
Toto - Angel don't cry
Toto - Angela
Toto - Animal
Toto - Anna

Toto - Baby he's your man
Toto - Better world
Toto - Blackeye

Toto - Can you hear what i'm saying
Toto - Can't stand it any longer
Toto - Carmen
Toto - Caught in the balance
Toto - Change of heart
Toto - Could this be love
Toto - Cruel

Toto - Don't chain my heart
Toto - Drag him to the roof

Toto - Endless
Toto - English eyes

Toto - Fahrenheit
Toto - Fall into velvet

Toto - Georgy porgy
Toto - Gift of faith
Toto - Gift with a golden gun
Toto - Girl goodbye
Toto - Goin' home
Toto - Good for you
Toto - Goodbye elenore
Toto - Goog for you
Toto - Gypsy train

Toto - Hate everything about you
Toto - High price of hate
Toto - Hold the line
Toto - Holyanna
Toto - Home of the brave
Toto - How does it feel
Toto - How many times
Toto - Hydra

Toto - I think i could stand you forever
Toto - I will remember
Toto - I won't hold you back
Toto - I'll be over you
Toto - I'll supply the love
Toto - If it's the last night
Toto - If you belong to me
Toto - In a word
Toto - Isolation
Toto - It's a feeling

Toto - Just can't get to you

Toto - Kick down the walls
Toto - Kingdom of desire

Toto - Last love
Toto - Last night
Toto - Lea
Toto - Lion
Toto - Little wing
Toto - Live for today
Toto - Lorraine
Toto - Love has the power
Toto - Love is a man's world
Toto - Lovers in the night

Toto - Mad about you
Toto - Make believe
Toto - Mama
Toto - Manuela run
Toto - Melanie
Toto - Mindfields
Toto - Miss sun
Toto - Modern eyes
Toto - Mr. friendly
Toto - Mrs johnson
Toto - Mushanga
Toto - Mysterious ways

Toto - Never enough
Toto - No love

Toto - On the run
Toto - One road
Toto - Only the children
Toto - Only you
Toto - Out of love

Toto - Pamela

Toto - Right part of me
Toto - Rockmaker
Toto - Rosanna

Toto - Selfish
Toto - She know the devil
Toto - She knows the devil
Toto - Slipped away
Toto - Somewhere tonight
Toto - Spanish steps of rome
Toto - St. george and the dragon
Toto - Stay away
Toto - Stop loving you
Toto - Straight for the heart
Toto - Stranger in town

Toto - Takin' it back
Toto - Tale of a man
Toto - The other end of time
Toto - The other side
Toto - The road goes on
Toto - The turning point
Toto - These chains
Toto - Till the end
Toto - Time is the enemy
Toto - Turn back

Toto - Un vis

Toto - Waiting for your love
Toto - We can make it tonight
Toto - We made it
Toto - White sister
Toto - Wings of time
Toto - Without your love

Toto - You are the flower
Toto - You got me

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