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Ub40 lyrics

Ub40 - (i can't help) falling in love with you
Ub40 - (i can't help) falling in love with you

Ub40 - All i want to do
Ub40 - Always there
Ub40 - As always you were wrong again

Ub40 - Baby
Ub40 - Baby i love your way
Ub40 - Blood and fire
Ub40 - Breakfast in bed
Ub40 - Bring me your cup
Ub40 - Burden of shame

Ub40 - C'est la vie
Ub40 - Can't help falling in love
Ub40 - Cause it isn't true
Ub40 - Cherry oh
Ub40 - Cherry oh baby
Ub40 - Come back baby
Ub40 - Come back darling
Ub40 - Come out to play
Ub40 - Contaminated minds
Ub40 - Cover up
Ub40 - Crying over you

Ub40 - D. u. b.
Ub40 - Demonstrate
Ub40 - Desert sand
Ub40 - Don't blame me
Ub40 - Don't break my heart
Ub40 - Don't do the crime
Ub40 - Don't let is pass you by
Ub40 - Don't let it pass you by
Ub40 - Don't slow down
Ub40 - Dream a lie
Ub40 - Dubmobile

Ub40 - Every breath you take

Ub40 - Falling in love with you
Ub40 - Fight fe come in
Ub40 - Folitician
Ub40 - Folitician (remix)
Ub40 - Food for thought
Ub40 - Forget the cost
Ub40 - Fought for thought
Ub40 - Friendly fire

Ub40 - Good ambition
Ub40 - Groovin'
Ub40 - Guilty
Ub40 - Guns in the ghetto

Ub40 - Here i am
Ub40 - Here i am (come and take me)
Ub40 - Here i am baby (come and take me)
Ub40 - Higher ground
Ub40 - Hip hop lyrical robot
Ub40 - Hit it
Ub40 - Hold your position
Ub40 - Holly holy
Ub40 - Homely girl
Ub40 - Homelygirl
Ub40 - Hurry come up

Ub40 - I can't help falling in love with you
Ub40 - I got you babe
Ub40 - I love it when you smile
Ub40 - I really can't say
Ub40 - I think it's going to rain today
Ub40 - I won't close my eyes
Ub40 - I won't close my eyes (remix)
Ub40 - I would do for you
Ub40 - I'm not fooled
Ub40 - I've been missing you
Ub40 - I've got mine
Ub40 - If it happens again
Ub40 - Impossible
Ub40 - Impossible love
Ub40 - It's a long long way
Ub40 - It's my delight
Ub40 - It's time

Ub40 - Johnny too bad
Ub40 - Just another girl

Ub40 - Keep on moving
Ub40 - King
Ub40 - Kingston town
Ub40 - Kiss and say goodbye

Ub40 - Lambsbread
Ub40 - Legalise it
Ub40 - Lisa
Ub40 - Little by little
Ub40 - Look down at my reflection
Ub40 - Love is all is alright
Ub40 - Love it when you smile

Ub40 - Madam medusa
Ub40 - Magic carpet
Ub40 - Many rivers to cross
Ub40 - Matter of time
Ub40 - Mr fix it
Ub40 - My best girl
Ub40 - My spliff
Ub40 - My way of thinking

Ub40 - Never let you go
Ub40 - Now and then

Ub40 - One in ten
Ub40 - Oracabessa moonshine

Ub40 - Please don't make me cry
Ub40 - Present arms
Ub40 - Promises andlies

Ub40 - Rat in the kitchen
Ub40 - Reckless
Ub40 - Red red wine
Ub40 - Red red wine.
Ub40 - Reggae music
Ub40 - Riddle me

Ub40 - Sardonicus
Ub40 - Seasons
Ub40 - She caught the train
Ub40 - Silent witness
Ub40 - Sing our own song
Ub40 - Smile for me
Ub40 - So here i am
Ub40 - Someone like you
Ub40 - Sorry
Ub40 - Soul rebel
Ub40 - Stay a little bit longer
Ub40 - Stick by me
Ub40 - Strange fruit
Ub40 - Style
Ub40 - Sweet cherry
Ub40 - Sweet sensation

Ub40 - Tears for my eyes
Ub40 - Tears from my eyes
Ub40 - Tell it like it is
Ub40 - Tell me is it true
Ub40 - The buzz feeling
Ub40 - The earth dies screaming
Ub40 - The elevator
Ub40 - The key
Ub40 - The king step
Ub40 - The pillow
Ub40 - The piper calls the tune
Ub40 - The prisoner
Ub40 - The train is coming
Ub40 - The way you do the things you do
Ub40 - Things ain't like they used to be
Ub40 - Two in a one
Ub40 - Tyler

Ub40 - Ub
Ub40 - Until my dying day

Ub40 - Version girl

Ub40 - Watchdogs
Ub40 - Waw waw waw
Ub40 - Wear you to the ball
Ub40 - Wedding day
Ub40 - Where did i go wrong

Ub40 - You are always pulling me down
Ub40 - You are not an army
Ub40 - You could meet somebody
Ub40 - You're always pulling me down
Ub40 - You're not an army
Ub40 - Your eyes were open

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