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Ufo lyrics

Ufo - A fool for love
Ufo - A fool in love
Ufo - A self made man
Ufo - Ain't life sweet
Ufo - Ain't no body
Ufo - All or nothing
Ufo - All over you
Ufo - Alone again or
Ufo - Another saturday night
Ufo - Any day
Ufo - At war with the world

Ufo - Back door man
Ufo - Back into my life
Ufo - Back to the usa (live '74)
Ufo - Belladonna
Ufo - Between a rock and a hard place
Ufo - Blinded by a lie
Ufo - Blue
Ufo - Boogie for george
Ufo - Borderline
Ufo - Born to lose
Ufo - Built for comfort
Ufo - Burnin' fire

Ufo - C'mon everybody
Ufo - Call my name
Ufo - Can you roll her
Ufo - Chains chains
Ufo - Chains, chains
Ufo - Cherry
Ufo - Come away melinda
Ufo - Couldn't get it right
Ufo - Cowboy joe
Ufo - Crystal light

Ufo - Dance your life away
Ufo - Darker days
Ufo - Diesel in the dust
Ufo - Doctor doctor
Ufo - Doctor, doctor (new version)
Ufo - Doing it all for you
Ufo - Don't want to lose you
Ufo - Dream the dream
Ufo - Dreaming
Ufo - Dreaming of summer

Ufo - Easy money
Ufo - Electric phase
Ufo - Everybody knows
Ufo - Evil

Ufo - Feel it
Ufo - Flying
Ufo - Follow you home
Ufo - Fool's gold

Ufo - Gettin' ready
Ufo - Gone in the night

Ufo - Heaven's gate
Ufo - High flyer
Ufo - Highway lady
Ufo - Hot 'n' ready
Ufo - Hunger in the night

Ufo - I'm a loser
Ufo - In the middle of madness
Ufo - It's killing me

Ufo - Just another suicide

Ufo - Knock, knock

Ufo - Leila (feat Zenk, Exploit, Lil Nib, Tripp Si Erik Og)
Ufo - Let it rain
Ufo - Let it roll
Ufo - Let the good time roll
Ufo - Lettin' go
Ufo - Lights out
Ufo - Lights out (new version)
Ufo - Lonely cities (of the heart)
Ufo - Lonely heart
Ufo - Long gone
Ufo - Looking out for no. 1
Ufo - Love deadly love
Ufo - Love is forever
Ufo - Love lost love
Ufo - Love to love

Ufo - Makin' moves
Ufo - Martian landscape
Ufo - Meanstreets
Ufo - Midnight train
Ufo - Miss the lights
Ufo - Money money
Ufo - Mother mary
Ufo - Mystery train

Ufo - Name of love
Ufo - Natural thing
Ufo - Night run
Ufo - No getaway
Ufo - No place to run

Ufo - Oh my
Ufo - On with the action
Ufo - One heart
Ufo - One more for the rodeo
Ufo - One of those nights
Ufo - Only you can rock me
Ufo - Out in the street

Ufo - Pack it up (and go)
Ufo - Primed for time
Ufo - Prince kajuku
Ufo - Profession of violence
Ufo - Push, it's love
Ufo - Pushed to the limit

Ufo - Queen of the deep

Ufo - Reasons love
Ufo - Revolution
Ufo - Rise again
Ufo - Rock bottom
Ufo - Rock boyz, rock
Ufo - Running on empty
Ufo - Running up the highway

Ufo - Self-made man
Ufo - Serenade
Ufo - Shake it about
Ufo - She's the one
Ufo - Shoot shoot
Ufo - Silver bird
Ufo - Somethin' else
Ufo - Space child
Ufo - Star storm
Ufo - Stopped by a bullet
Ufo - Sweet little child

Ufo - Take it or leave it
Ufo - Terri
Ufo - The chase
Ufo - The only ones
Ufo - The smell of money
Ufo - The way the wild wind blows
Ufo - The wild, the willing and the innocent
Ufo - The world and his dog
Ufo - The writer
Ufo - This fire burns tonight
Ufo - This kid's
Ufo - This kid's / between the walls
Ufo - This time
Ufo - Time on my hands
Ufo - Timothy
Ufo - Too hot to handle
Ufo - Too much of nothing
Ufo - Too young to know
Ufo - Treacle people
Ufo - Try me

Ufo - Unraveled

Ufo - Venus

Ufo - We belong to the night
Ufo - When it's time to rock
Ufo - Who do you love
Ufo - Wreckless

Ufo - You and me
Ufo - You don't fool me
Ufo - You'll get love
Ufo - Young blood

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