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Wings lyrics

Wings - After the ball / million miles
Wings - Again and again and again
Wings - Arrow through me

Wings - Baby's request
Wings - Backwards traveller
Wings - Band on the run
Wings - Beware my love
Wings - Bip bop
Wings - Blackbird
Wings - Bluebird

Wings - Cafe on the left bank
Wings - Call me back again
Wings - Children children
Wings - Cook of the house
Wings - Country dreamer

Wings - Daytime nightime suffering
Wings - Dear friend
Wings - Deliver your children
Wings - Don't let it bring you down

Wings - Famous groupies

Wings - Getting closer
Wings - Girlfriend
Wings - Girls' school
Wings - Give ireland back to the irish

Wings - Helen wheels
Wings - Hi, hi, hi

Wings - I am your singer
Wings - I'm carrying
Wings - I've had enough
Wings - I've just seen a face

Wings - Jet

Wings - Lady madonna
Wings - Let 'em in
Wings - Let me roll it
Wings - Letting go
Wings - Listen to what the man said
Wings - Little woman love
Wings - Live and let die
Wings - London town
Wings - Love in song
Wings - Love is strange

Wings - Magneto and titanium man
Wings - Mama's little girl
Wings - Mamunia
Wings - Mary had a little lamb
Wings - Maybe i'm amazed
Wings - Medicine jar
Wings - Morse moose and the grey goose
Wings - Mrs. vanderbilt
Wings - Mull of kintyre
Wings - Must do something about it
Wings - My carnival
Wings - My love

Wings - Name and address
Wings - Nineteen hundred and eighty five
Wings - No words

Wings - Old siam, sir

Wings - Picasso's last words (drink to me)

Wings - Richard cory
Wings - Rock show

Wings - Sally g
Wings - San ferry anne
Wings - She's my baby
Wings - Silly love songs
Wings - So glad to see you here
Wings - Soily
Wings - Some people never know
Wings - Spin it on
Wings - Spirits of ancient egypt

Wings - The broadcast
Wings - The long and winding road
Wings - The note you never wrote
Wings - Time to hide
Wings - To you
Wings - Tomorrow
Wings - Treat her gently / lonely old people

Wings - Venus and mars
Wings - Venus and mars (reprise)

Wings - Warm and beautiful
Wings - We're open tonight
Wings - Wild life
Wings - Wino junko
Wings - Winter rose / love awake
Wings - With a little luck
Wings - Wonderful christmastime

Wings - Yesterday
Wings - You gave me the answer

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