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Xtc lyrics

Xtc - 1, 000 umbrellas
Xtc - 1000 umbrellas
Xtc - 25 'o clock
Xtc - 25 o'clock

Xtc - Across this antheap
Xtc - All you pretty girls
Xtc - Always winter but never christmas
Xtc - Another satellite
Xtc - Atom age

Xtc - Ballet for a rainy day
Xtc - Battery brides
Xtc - Battery brides (andy paints brian)
Xtc - Beating of hearts
Xtc - Beatown
Xtc - Big day
Xtc - Bike ride to moon
Xtc - Bike ride to the moon
Xtc - Blue beret
Xtc - Blue in paradise
Xtc - Blue overall
Xtc - Books are burning
Xtc - Brainiacs daughter
Xtc - Bungalow
Xtc - Burning with optimism's flames
Xtc - Buzzcity talking

Xtc - Chain of command
Xtc - Chain off command
Xtc - Cherry in your tree
Xtc - Collideascope
Xtc - Complicated game
Xtc - Crocodile
Xtc - Crowded room
Xtc - Cynical days

Xtc - Day in day out
Xtc - Dear god
Xtc - Dear madam barnum
Xtc - Deliver us from the elements
Xtc - Difficult age
Xtc - Do what you do
Xtc - Don't ever dare call me chickenhead
Xtc - Dying

Xtc - Earn enoghh for us
Xtc - Earn enough for us
Xtc - Everything

Xtc - Funk pop a roll

Xtc - Garden of earthly delights
Xtc - Generals and majors
Xtc - Goodbye humanosaurus
Xtc - Goosey goosey
Xtc - Grass
Xtc - Great fire

Xtc - Have you seen jackie?
Xtc - Heatwave
Xtc - Helicopter
Xtc - Holly up on poppy
Xtc - Human alchemy
Xtc - Humble daisy

Xtc - I am the audience
Xtc - I bought myself a liarbird
Xtc - I remember the sun
Xtc - I'm bugged
Xtc - I'm the man who murdered love
Xtc - In loving memory of a name
Xtc - It's snowing angels

Xtc - Jumping in gomorah

Xtc - Ladybird
Xtc - Life is good in the greenhouse
Xtc - Limelight
Xtc - Little lighthouse
Xtc - Living through another cuba
Xtc - Love at first sight
Xtc - Love on a farmboy's wages

Xtc - Making plans for nigel
Xtc - Me and the wind
Xtc - Meccanic dancing (oh we go!)
Xtc - Mermaid smiled
Xtc - Millions
Xtc - My bird performs
Xtc - My byrd performs
Xtc - My love explodes
Xtc - My train is coming
Xtc - My weapon

Xtc - Neon shuffle
Xtc - New town animal
Xtc - No language in our lungs
Xtc - No one here available

Xtc - Officer blue
Xtc - Omnibus
Xtc - Outside world

Xtc - Pale and precious
Xtc - Paper and iron
Xtc - Paper and iron (notes and coins)
Xtc - Poor skeleton steps out

Xtc - Ra ra for red rocking horse
Xtc - Radios in motion
Xtc - Real by reel
Xtc - Red
Xtc - Red brick dream
Xtc - Reign of blows
Xtc - Respectable street
Xtc - Roads girdle the globe
Xtc - Rocket
Xtc - Rocket from a bottle
Xtc - Rook

Xtc - Sacrifical bonfire
Xtc - Scissor man
Xtc - Seagulls screaming kiss her, kiss her
Xtc - Season cycle
Xtc - Set myself on fire
Xtc - Sgt. rock
Xtc - Sgt. rock (is going to help me)
Xtc - Shake you donkey up
Xtc - Shiny cage
Xtc - Spinning top
Xtc - Star park
Xtc - Statue of liberty
Xtc - Summer's cauldron
Xtc - Super-tuff

Xtc - Take this town
Xtc - Ten feet tall
Xtc - That is the way
Xtc - That wave
Xtc - That's really super, supergirl
Xtc - The affiliated
Xtc - The ballad of peter pumpkinhead
Xtc - The disappointed
Xtc - The everyday story of smalltown
Xtc - The man who sailed around his soul
Xtc - The meeting place
Xtc - The mole from the ministry
Xtc - The rhythm
Xtc - The smartest monkeys
Xtc - The ugly underneath
Xtc - The world is full of angry young men
Xtc - Then she appeared
Xtc - This is pop
Xtc - This is pop?
Xtc - This is the end
Xtc - This world over
Xtc - Towers of london
Xtc - Train running low on soul coal
Xtc - Travels in nihilon

Xtc - Vanishing girl

Xtc - Wake up
Xtc - Wake up!
Xtc - War dance
Xtc - Was a yes
Xtc - What in the world
Xtc - What in the world?...
Xtc - When you're near me i have difficulty
Xtc - Wonderland
Xtc - Wounded horse
Xtc - Wrapped in grey

Xtc - X wires

Xtc - You're a good man albert brown
Xtc - You're a good man albert brown (curse you red
Xtc - You're a good man albert brown (curse you red barrel)
Xtc - You're my drug
Xtc - You're the wish you are i had
Xtc - Your gold dress

Xtc - Zonked right out

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