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22 Pistepirkko - Motorcycle man lyrics

everybody was excited

everyone wanted to see the man

the man with the motorcycle

soon to be coming to our town

I was scared, when he came

I saw him very clear

he was black, tall and the bike

was the biggest I'd ever have seen

he took the best looking girl in town

with him to the hotel

that girl was Frank's girlfriend

Frank is my best friend

I heard, he'd been shopping

he took things, but didn't pay nothing

everyone became furious

but nobody said nothing

he'd only eat, drink and f***k

laugh loudly, when he said bath

promised to burn the town to the ground

if we don't give him the crown

I was going home to sleep

when I met him in the street

he was bigger than what I thought

his face was ugly and dirty

he smelled of bull and booze

he said he don't like my face

I was thinking, what shall I do

he said: "just keep goïng" and walked through me

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