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4Lyn - Shelltoes and fatlaces lyrics

yo, i came a long way (belive that!),
but still know where i started from and where this art is comin'from...
the masters of ceremony.
rule or cry! do or die! for the microphone...
and i was able to speak but not able to hold a mic.
was able rhyme, not able to speak them lines right.
but i waited for the day until the time was right.
i wrote all night until then i kept it quiet. (shhh)
there still too many talented mc's unsigned,
too many untalented muthafukkers on my mind.
i get angry when a rookie steps up
with words that don't make sense.
tellin'me to get up... like this...

(you wanna battle? you wanna go against me?
i'm the best around as you can see..)

oh, can't you see that this is me??? (this is real!)
oh, can't you feel that this is real???

first, pay dues to the old school and
respect the veterans
or you will never be better than the average rapper. take a look...
just because you can write doesn't mean
that you can use a blakkbook. (did you hear me?).
(but you love guitars...) - but i'm true to the game!

(what you do this for??) - yo, i do it for the fame!
(yo, i got mo'cash than you!) -than give me all you can!
but if you're broke, ask juvinille ("you understand?? ")
i don't roll a benz i got a v-dove.
and all you hiphops get all my love.
without you i wouldn't be here (remember that??).
if not, chekk the song called "alina
i don't want to disrespect.
don't blame me if you miss respect.
i just wanted to make one thing clear... (say what?)
my love for hiphop is the reason, why brasko's still here.
traditional mc-metaphors... is what i use,
and why i'm gettin'applause.
it's not about videos, bitches or cars...
it's about understanding, so keep your creditcard

oh, can't you see that this is me???
namebelts, kangols, blokkparties and all that.
oh, can't you feel that this is real???
spraycans, fatcaps, wholecars- FOREVER!!
oh, can't you see that this is me???
uprokk, bakkflips, headspins and sixsteps.
oh, can't you feel that this ïs real???
shelltoes and our laces were fat!!

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