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4Lyn - Wong tsong lyrics

like a bullet 2 your idols,
just one word from me.. and it goes it's way.
like some gasoline into the fire,
i burn your house down... with no delay!
with no delay.
with no delay.
with no delay.

aah yeah!
i bring pain 2 the people who want it,
and mad stress 2 tha critics who like to keep on frontin'...
everyday, allday u keep strikin'my nerves.

punk, step back in line and get what u deserve..
(oh... let me see...)
who wanna be my lucky partner, who wants 2 get the best of me...
i'm a put ya where your place iz at,
cuz i will put u in my world where no peace is at, what...
with no delay.
with no delay.
with no delay.
wïth no delay.

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