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Alyssa Milano - If only lyrics

Everytime I think about it
Something strong comes over me
Never will I live to doubt it
That you and I were simply meant to be

How could we have given up so easy
When we had so much worth fighting for

* If only we had worked it out together
Through it all
If only we talked a little longer
And broken down thewalls
If only we had held each other tighter
You'd might still be with me

Everytime I dream about it
I picture what we should have done
But how can I forget it
When life with you had only just begun

Now I sit alone thinkin' about us
Wondering where we would have been today

* Repeat

I don't know if I can take it anymore
I'm fighting on for you, but I'm losing the war
So tell me what I should do
To get back inside of you
Once agaïn

* Repeat

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