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Barry Manilow - Dancin fool lyrics

When i hear a band blowin' basie (wap wow)
i can count on lossing my cool (shodubedo bap shodubedo bow!)
take me where the rhythm is racey
let me be a dancin' fool

some prefer the cafe Europa (Europa!)
sipping dubonnay on a stool (very cool)
me i get my kicks at the copa (Copa)
that's where i'm a dancin' fool

ill show you some moves smooth as satin
and others they dont teach in school (Now you're talkin')

when the crooner starts into scatin' (dobey dobey dopey do)
just give me a chance and my tuxedo pants and.....
im a dancin fool

When those trumpets blare man
I ain't got a care man
I'm like Fred Astaire Man - cool.
Just give me a chance and -
My tuxedo pants and -
Hey presto!
I'm a dancing fool.
I'm a dancïng fool yeah!

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