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Bright Eyes - Loose leaves lyrics

The story is in the soil
Loose leaves cover the ground
There are volumes in the forest no one reads out loud
If I could take them down off of that mountain shelf... we used to climb but no one tries to go up that far now
Yeah, we're all too busy working, entertaining ourselves, 40 hours, television and prescription pills
Well, I take two a day to make my brain behave
It never does but who is to say, at least my doctor gets paid
So that is fine, yeah come by, we will take the afternoon off
We can kiss and undress if you want just talk
Because I have got nothing real, just empty space to fill
And you are my girl, I like your style, just imagine all the time we could kill

And time is not poison but once you drink it all you'll die
So lets just sip it real slow, yeah, we can nurse it all night
Try to believe that once its gone they will pour another round
We will come back to life
We'll come right back

It's all moving fast now, yeah, and that's what they say
And though some days still take forever I can't disagree

Because it seems to me that I wake up and sleep, look in the mirror and have no idea what happened in between
But I remember counting days down until the year could be done
So I could scatter all my notebooks on the prep school lawn
And disappear into a summer's bliss of staying out and sleeping in and getting drunk with my friends
And that's gone and I know that it won't ever come back
I accept
I won't cling to what I had in the past but life is a slippery slope
Regret is the steepest hill
Hope for the best
Plan for the worst and maybe wind up somewhere in the middle
And I'm not saying that I know what I want
But I know what I don't, don't want to rot in my room and never know what could have been, believe what everyone else tells me is true
They will say 'true'
That is what they'll say
That's it
Believe what everyone else tells me is true
They will say 'true'
That is what they'll say
That's ït

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