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Bronx - False alarm lyrics

I don't think I'm alive,
Dead footseps, another outcast screaming alone,
God help me,
Give me what you want,
Give me what you need,
I'll take it all,
Stand, fall,
Lost out baby,
Yes I know,
It's not a secret,
False alarm,
Another front page lie,
Disguised to help me burn,
Another year of research,
Stand still,
Turn on the lights baby, show me your scars,

Salvation, give me audio, give me visual overload,
So slow,
Lost out baby,
Yes I know,

Everyone is suspect,
Everyone deserts,
Another loss,
I'm feeling alone,
It's not a secret,
A false alarm,
It's not a secret,
It's not a sad song,
Another front page lie, disguïsed to help me burn,
God help us, false alarm...

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