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Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 deep lyrics

Strikin' through the deuce wit the 40 in ma mouth
The nigga wit the rep of athiest-a-mistik doubt
rippin' the label off the 4-0... based on the fact
I got respect fo ma dead folks... prop fo ma nigga loccs
187 in the hood I can't say s***t
one time thinking it was premeditate it
I can eat a view from the deuce 4 blocc
40 in ma mind thinkin I'm gonna get shot
In deuce 24 deep the nigga wit the siccness
A nigga wit a hella enimies always cool and they be siccs
Niggas from the hood ended up proven they was a snitch
Fucc it... created it x-rated now I'm tryin to get rich
Ain't that a bitch, that snitch... none-a-nay

M*********s mad cause they can't make tapes
and I gotta get paid so I can buy ma 4-0
to live the athiest life I was brain-washed to know
Niggas run up everyday wantin to get sum
I told them who runs the m*********r flow and then sum
win sum... lose sum like a nightmare
I got enough s***t on ma mind I just can't care
I'm on the run... runnin from whos ever gun is aimin
I'm all up in the middle of s***t aint even claimin
Tryin to survive in the hood is tough enough cause them niggas already thinkin
I'm claimin crete-ma.. trippin on gettin snuffed by the vïew

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