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Brownstone - Kiss and tell lyrics

Chorus: Tell me if you kiss and tell
If you will that just won't do
I got something for 'ya
But it stays between me and you

I never had real lover
'Cause all the guys I dated were too immature
I need your help to discover
All the love indside for you
I gave you my love, my life
My time, my everything
Tell me what you wanna do
What's on your mind

Bridge: 'Cause baby You know you're really drivin' me crazy
You know I wanna be your lady

Although you wanna act so shady
Don't you know you hearin' me callin'
Catch me 'cause I'm fallin' in love with you


You may think that I'm not ready
To give you what a woman should
But it's gotta stay between us baby
Never let our secret loose
I gave my love, my heart
My time, my everything
Tell me what you wanna do
Now baby ït's all up to you


(Repeat Chorus 9x)

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