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Diabolic feat Immortal Technique - Frontlines (liar & a thief) lyrics

Intro: Diabolic
Forget what you knew
Welcome to the motherf***kin' battlefield

I two-step with Lucifer, and ever since I started dancin'
I've walked a fine line between Einstein and Charles Manson
Starvin' in this famine with my stomach growlin'
Like someone shoutin'
A hundred thousand times louder than thunder pounding
F***k around and I'll punch your mouth in
I'm king of the mountain
With my life in this project like it's public housing
Counting on the fact I firebomb entire songs
And won't stop until the world's inside my palm like Viacom
Diabolic; I'll supply the higher wattage via fiber optic wire
Until you acquire some kinda knowledge
'cause life made me grow wiser than old-timers
Hot-headed like the ghost rider behind a slow driver
Sole survivor, flowin' lava's second nature
So don't test, it's best to save your breath like respirators
I'll throw a punch at your ribs that gives your lungs asthma
And has you pourin' out your guts faster than Dutch Masters
Drunk bastard, past the point of no return
Like Denzel trickin' Ethan Hawke into smoking sherm
Judgement overturned, held in court like Mordecai
Immortalized when I make statues bleed and portraits cry
I'll go to war for mine, Rebel Army guard the border
I'm in the trenches, barkin' orders like I'm Sergeant Slaughter
Pray to Jesus H. for mercy, and plead your case
'cause on the frontlines you're dead
The second that you see my face.

Hook: Immortal Technique
This is the frontline
This is the dead zone
Barely alive or in a box is how you head home
This is the frontline
This is the life that I chose
I thought I told you motherf***kas to lock and load

They said that the success of my music was theoretic
But my revenge is sweet enough to murder diabetics
Eugenics Procter and Gamble credit racial science

Couldn't produce a more aggressive intellectual giant
Nephilim, bury 'em with the bullets left in them
My heart is blacker than the children of Thomas Jefferson
Blacker than back in the days of tar and featherin'
A cancerous endocrine, the eagle that's American
The hatchet and the sticks, the fascist emblem
You could call it ''Conspiracy Theory'', I don't give a motherf***k
You could get your mother f***d
National security's a code-word for cover-up
Hold that down, I look at character, never let the color get to ya
I got white Revolutionaries like Muslims in Chechnya
Percussion thumpin' like the Russian Mafia over ya
But even they know what it's like when you fightin' for Svoboda
So whether Slavic or Islamic, vodka/gin tonic
Drunken fantasies are cool, son, but here's the grim logic
You niggas wanna play industry and starve to be rich
Until they f***k you for millions like Paul McCartney's bitch
My lions live inside a box like Jumanji
Sikh niggas that'll stab you up like Indira Gandhi
So never desecrate the space on which I meditate
My thoughts rip through tank-armored metalplates
And start to resonate
To the spot where Moses caused the sea to separate
The place that the Prophet Muhammad started to levitate
The exact moment that Jesus rose dead awake
And Siddhartha became the Buddha that regenerates
Half a bar over, but I bring it home colder than dead soldiers
Soul controller, holder of Knowledge, so f***k Dianetics
I'm like the whole library in Kemet with Annunaki genetics.


Outro: Immortal Technique
Yeah, motherf***ker
Immortal Technique, Diabolic
This is the Frontline
The people first; one time
Thirty-two and a little somethin', ha ha ha
33-Degrees, motherf***ka
Go home and figure ït out

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