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Drake - Can't have everything lyrics


Uh man, fresh up out the [?]
February 10, it's the boy, but I'm still the man
Come and get your mans
I don't know, first you caught the hands then you took the stand
It's a joke, but you say you real
I don't understand
On a yacht, me and all the dogs actin' like some dogs
We evolved, used to think vacation meant Niagara Falls
Swear to god, shout to Buffalo

Never ducking low
I don't stop, man I'm stuck on go
Always hug the row, f**ker
Make his body roll, yeah a lot of those
Started out doing college shows, [?] flow
Then I popped like you never seen
We were everything
I went off in the '16, give me '17

Want a lot, can't have everything
Can't have everything
Want a lot, can't have everything but I want everythïng

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