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Drake - Portland lyrics

(Murda on the beat, so it's not nice...)

It's all Habibis ting, ya?

Yeah, my side girl got a 5S with the screen cracked
Still hit me back right away, better not never hesitate
Don't come around thinkin' you gettin' saved
Tryna show the dogs brighter days, got a torch tryna light the way
Biting everybody which is ironic 'cause your next album probably won't ever see the light of day
Half assed but you let 'em down
But I guess that's how you nigga's gettin' down
I'm so high up I'm like, how is nigga's really gettin' down?

I could never have a kid then be out here still kiddin' around
Boys playin' around, where you really wanna take it now?
I got a hundred fifty thousand dollars for an after party and I gave it to the killas just to break it down
Bring us up, I never take us down
But if you bring me up then they might take you down
Fake f**k with me back then but it's gettin hard for you to fake it now
f**k being rich when I'm forty, man, I'm tryna make ït now

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