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Wrote this s***, January 21
Baby girl, I had to run, I be back a couple months
Kendall turned 21, was up the street with 21
They could see me online but they won't see me on the ones
I got Dubai plates in the California state
I got her waitin' at my place, I got no baby on the way
I'm talkin' Baby like Stunna, I'm talkin' Baby like Face
Lost millions in the past, I'm talkin' maybe like 8
Couple niggas run the city, wishin' on a star could maybe like Drake
Sorry no, not today, you gotta find your own way
Big dog from the 6, I'm talkin' Dogg like Nate
My s***t be roll out the gate, I don't need another take
40 got house on the lake, I ain't know we had a lake
She complainin' how I'm late, I ain't know it was a date
Niggas see me in person, first thing they say is, "I know you need a break"
Hell naw, I feel great, ready now, why wait?
Like a kiss from a rose, I could be the one to seal your whole fate
So be careful what you think, think about what you gon' say
Gotta deal with people straight, I got my 23s laced
It's a marathon, not a sprint, but I still gotta win the race, yeah

And I'm convinced
I made sacrifices, I been ballin' ever since
We seein' so many blessin's, this s***t don't make no sense

Someone watchin' over us, so shot goes out to him
Yeah, I'm convinced
I made sacrifices, I been ballin' ever since
Yeah, I did some wrong, I had no choice in my defense
Someone watchin' over us, so shot goes out to

2 Chainz, I'm a real one
Few shows, that's a mil run
When she bust it down, I said thanks for givin' to me like a pilgrim
Cold world, I be chillin'
Elon Musk on the children
Used to trap out the Hilton
Got wood on the Cartiers, that's a face full of splinters
Count a bankroll for dinner
This the wrong place to enter
Throwin' sigs, yeah, for breakfast
All kinda women text us
Met her at the Super Bowl, told her I stayed down the street from Texas
A-Town, I stay down
Yeah, it's all in the Ritz
This one here out the fence
Trap jumpin' like the Carter
[?] jumpin' like Vince
Moved on from election
Introduced her to the plug, can't believe they tried to take the connection
Ooh, girl, you a blessin'
Fine a*, be finessin'
Yeah, I love my fans but I don't wanna take pictures in the restroom
Dreads god with the 6 god
Point guard and the 2 guard
Pretty girls like trap music so I woke up wïth my wood hard

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