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Faith Evans - Tru love lyrics

Six Years five monthsThat's how long
we've been havein' this thingWe've got
every moment hasn't been perfectBut still when
it's perfect it feelsLike we're the only people
who have somethin' realNow 3 years two weeksThat's how long we've been raisin' our
familyAnd I wouldn't go tradinThe love we
gotSo don't go changin'I love you just the
way you are[Chorus:]It's true loveWhen you say I need me like the way i need youAnd you
can't be without meLike I can't be without
youIt's true loveWhen we spend time talking on
the phoneCause when we're not around each other you
don't want to bealoneIt's true love, love,
love, loveDon't you know it's good to be in
love, love, love, loveJust believe me truthfully causeLove is never ever makin you cryBefore I tell you a

lieI'll give you my lifeCause that true love[Verse 2:]Now when the love is rightSomehow
you just knowBecause you hold it tightAnd you
don't want to let it goAnd it's so deep inside
of you thatYou just can't take it cause it fills up
your heartAnd you just, you can't replace it aloneSomebody's makin loveNon-stop tonightAnd And
they can't make enoughI know what it feels likeGrab your lover by the handSay that you understandHow love really worksSo good that it hurts[Chorus][Bridge:]Cause I don't need
nobody but you in my life oh babyThose of you who
understand what I'm sayin'Sing along with me
sayCause I don't need nobody butYou in my life
oh babyThose of you who understand what I'm
sayïn'Let me hear you say true love[Chorus]

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