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Foreigner - Face to face lyrics

We never talk to one another
We just disagree
I'm the one who runs for cover
And you turn your back on me

They say nothing's gonna last forever
But some things are worth fighting for
Yeah, well love could bring us back together
But love don't come round here no more

The words unspoken in the night
Locked away in my heart
And I'm feeling out of place
But if love is the key
Let it open the door
So we'll be standing -- face to face

You never want to see me face to face
Think it over
Face to face
If only it could be just face to face

Baby you and me
Face to face

I may be better off without it
I can't go on this way
Time has come to talk about it

This is our judgement day

You know we swore it would last forever
Always felt so sure it would
But it's looking like now or never
Time to turn a bad thing into good

The words that echo in the night
They're fading away
And they're gone without a trace
Now it's up to you and me
Let's open the door
And meet each other -- face to face

It's time we saw each other face to face
To talk it over
Face to face
You know it's gotta be just face to face
Baby you and me
Face to face

We gotta see each other -- face to face
And talk about it
Face to face
Hope it aïn't too late to meet face to face
Just you and me

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