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Fourteen 14 - Another crack in my heart lyrics

I am just one man with his one pair of eyes
I dress in normal clothes and I don't try to disguise
I'm looking out for love however it may seem
I never do return in the always winning team
Maybe I should try to live alone,
Or raise the flag of mercy to unknown
Maybe I should run and hide away until another day

Another crack in my heart, another picture on the wall
Another way to spend an evening
When there's no one there at all

Another kiss to say goodbye,
Another cross upon a chart
Another suitcase at the door
Another crack in my heart.
In my heart

I had my spills and thrills of love
And held it in my hand
I held on tight until it broke
And I crashed to the ground
Love cannot be on my side. It's clearer every dull
That every time I reach for love it always runs away
Maybe I should try to lïve alone...

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