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Gang Starr - Mostly tha voice lyrics


It's mostly tha voice, that gets you up
It's mostly tha voice, that makes you buck
A lot of rappers got flavor, and some got skills
But if your voice ain't dope then you need to [chill... chill...]

Up steps one, and he gets done
Then up steps another, he gets smothered
That's word to mother, or should i say moms
I drop bombs, scorchin niggaz like napalm
Sucka, boy, get off my s***t
Get off my dick so what i make butter hits
You better change your behavior, battling gangstarr
No religion could save ya
My religion is rap, r-a-p
R-e-a-l-i-t-y, g
Cause when i rock street kids rejoice
I got mad rhymes, still


So when you think you know the whole you don't even know the half
You're not a threat to myself, and neither to my staff
Not the type to really dance too much, although i used to
Rather bust a fresh line, and get loose to
The blunted ill types of beats premier makes
Makes your girl's rear shake, let me set it straight


Some rappers use hooks to this s***t
But if you took that s***t out
And you took all the music out
What would remain? the voice no doubt
Bless my soul i control
When in pimp mode
My bank roll expands
I invest in my man
I plan, to keep rap real

So if your s***t ain't fat then kneel
You squeal, feeling pain from my oral flex
What about oral s*, which chick's next
To open wide and get a chunk from a real brother
Yeah, some real funk from a real brother
They get sprung and most of them don't recover
But i don't diss em i just talk to em
Cause the sound, of my voice, it does a lot to em
So you and, the niggaz right there
Be aware, like swv, i'm right here
Waitin to correct your a*s
And if you don't follow now i'll disrespect your a*s
More vicious than sid, do a crime with no bid
I tell a bitch that i didn't when you know that i did
Take a trip to a land a-far
Then come back, and people still know gangstarr
See i'm the ladies choice
Cause i got crazy styles, still


Outro: guru, shug

Oh s***t shug, whattup
[wha*sup money?]
Just loungin, about to go do this s***t in the studio
[oh yeah, you just let me get on that s***t
You always said i could get on, you need to let me get on that]
[for real man]
Yo man
[don't front on that s***t]
I'm sayin yo, if i let you get busy, youknowhati'msayin
You can't be dissapointin me
[i flip s***t, i'ma flip s***t on this]
Aïght man, let's go

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