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Get Up Kids - The company dime lyrics

i watched it all come crashing down on teh verge of a world profound
standing on unstable ground adding insult to irony
i think it's really gonna happen this time,
all out calls are on the company dime
reluctance ties up the line with irresponsibility
no matter save for a friend no argumentt can amend
irreplaceable but in the end,
one star player doesn't save the team
now you're open to attack,
our burden rest on your back

replace, re-track responsibility
i'm still waiting for you to get over this
anonymos until the ending,
spent a long long time pretending
and a longer day spent accepting what the world ahead would store
you only learn by not believeing that the industry is unforgiving
everything that you've been giving isn't what if was before
i'm still waitng for you to get over thïs

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