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Gilbert O'sullivan - S*x appeal lyrics

And I don't know why some have more I only know they always will Tracksuit top coming off As the sweat is pouring from you still S*x appeal it's a lover's embrace S*x appeal it's the thrill of the chase S*x appeal something you have places That looks so inviting S*x appeal in the heat of the sun S*x appeal with a bathing suit on S*x appeal pouring oil down your front And then rubbing it all over And there are no rules Even those who's Looks may not be all that great Can in fact be looked at Even in the most desirable way S*x appeal it's a natural thing S*x appeal getting soaked to the skin S*x appeal lying down by the fire In a blanket your holding S*x appeal it's the parting of lips S*x appeal it's getting to grips S*x appeal like the way that she slips and lust carries on talking I'm not saying that everyone has to be young and fancy free in a cage middle-aged You can turn those heads so easily. S*x appeal it's a lover's embrace S*x appeal it's the egg on your face S*x appeal something you have in places Th

at looks so inviting Oh it looks so exciting S*x appeal it's an animal right S*x appeal it's the meaning of life S*x appeal contributions denied If you think it's for the money S*x appeal it's your hair in a mess S*x appeal in a thick woolly vest S*x appeal and the feeling I guess Of what might just be underneath Of what mïght just be underneath

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