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Glen Campbell - Home again lyrics

Home again
I've turned my collar to the wind
Started home again
Home again
A place where I can find a friend
That's home again

Well I've seen everything that I wanted to see
And I finally seen what's important to me
I'm goin' home
I'm goin' home

Home again
I've been too long upon my way
This way don't pay
Home again
Too many names I can't recall
And it's summer an' fall

Well I've done everything I thought I wanted do

And each step I took, took me far away from you
I'm goin' home
I'm goin' home

Home again
I can't extend my given time
The choice ain't mine
Home again
Somehow I know there's time enough
Enough to love

Well I've had everything that I thought I would need
Now I'm goin' home, I'm gonna try my hand at freedom
Goin' home
I'm goin' home
I'm goïn' home

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