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Graham Parker - Back in time lyrics

Intro Em Am Am7

G Em
You stop in the old cafe where you used to play pinball
C Am
And look for the air-raid shelter but it's gone and the cafe seems so
G Em
small and all the gardens That had trees and stolen apples
C Am
now have small businesses flourishing in cinder blocks
G Em Am C
Then they will call your name and hand you a gold watch
G Em Am C
Then they will call your name but it doesn't sound like much
G Em C Am
And you'll never discover why it's like an old lover
G Em Am C
you can't touch anymore It doesn't mean much anymore
G Em Em Am Am7 Em Em Am Am7
when you go back in time back in time

You head down to the local try to find a focal point
A scratch in the wallpaper but it's all been wallpapered over
Down at the newsagents it's all p****y
And you try to get high again but it's like time-lapse photography
Then they will call your name and hand you a medal
Or something more practical like a whistling kettle
and it'll test your metal Just try to keep grinning
knowing that this feeling is Indulgence worse than sinning
trying to go back in time

Instrumental section (chords like verse but not as many.)

G Em
Photographs with a glossy finish letters lovers never finished
C Am (G)
And there ïn a dusty drawer a neck

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