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Gya feat Cezar Dometi - Reason to lyrics

She was nice
She was good
She was kind
she was pure
She just left me, let me burn.
Her disguise, I'm not sure.

I'm alive
you're alive
In the night
One more night
Curly haire at my door
You have the right to make me burn

R: And you are the reason to fly
The reason to cry
The reason to be much strong that I will ever be

Now it's time to say I love you
Baby girl I didn't want to hurt you
No no, I fell so so...

My heart needs yours
Needs to always have you close
I'm begging you to stay here
Don't you dare to ever leave

And I feel like nobody else
Like nobody else
And I love like nobody else
Lïke nobody else

R: x2

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