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Hatevirus - Archangel of sun lyrics

Take a step
Into this world
Open your Eyes
To this life's Reward
Bring back the Time
Follow my light
Viral inside
Breakin' your Mind
Bring back the dream
Of the unseen
Reach to the sky

Thousands of years, thousands of souls
Thousands of seas, a thousand bellow
And I'll hear, the sound of your scream that's cryin'
... streight from beyond

Thousands of fears, thousands to fall
Thousands to seal, a thousand ago.
And I'll give your strength so you don't stop tryin'
dont stop tryin' now...

Flames of fire will align
To let you cross over
Just to find the hidden sign
Come closer

Come closer so I can show u my pain
Come close and I'll teach you this game
A life of sorrow you will learn to obey

You are the one, who will become
Archangel of sun, the evil undone
... the Evil Undone
That seek's perfection in creation

Flames of fire will align
To let you cross over
Just to find the hidden sign
Come closer.
Come close i ll show you My Way
Come closer, Cross oveeeer!!

Step across this weil of fire
On my side you will find the power
The strength to be your own creation
To paint the world in to Your Perfection

................. ooooOOOooooOOOoooo............

BIS: You'll carry the sorrow
On wings of today
When there's no tomorrow

I'll take you away
Take you away from the Guilt and Deception
Give you the Tools to grow up Your Intentïons
Make a World that reflects the Sorrow
To Rule the Week, make them Obey and Follow

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