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Hawkwind - Nuclear toy lyrics

Nuclear facts are hard to take,
Harrisburg, Windscale, It's no use to fake.
Potassium-Iodide, Radiation-Drug,
Won't save yourself from being a mug.

It's a nuclear toy, It's a nuclear toy.

A generation pumping out active-gas,
Polluting the atmosphere and killing en-masse.
Strontium-90, Cancer in the blood,
Who's gonna pay for the radiation flood.

It's a nuclear toy, It's a nuclear toy.

M4-Missile cruising in the sky,
Setting off a catastrophe in the flicker of an eye.
Radiation-Fallout, It's a setting-sun,
Looking down the barrel and firing the gun.

It's a nuclear toy, It's a nuclear toy.

Nuclear death is sweeping the Earth,
Babies being born deformed from birth.
Mutations are working in the factories,
The landscape's full of artificïal trees.

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