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Ice-T - 99 problems lyrics

Yeah, last year a lot of motherf***kers asked me
why I didn't do no old s*x nasty s***t
But this year I went down to Miami and got my nigga from 2 Live
Brother Marquis in the house! (Yeah I'm the motherf***kin nigga)
Yeah, we gonna answer the question about girl problems
All these niggaz is havin girl problem, Marq
(Huh, tell them man, tell them how it is)
Lemme tell you what time is it...

I got a ho from the East, got a ho from the West
Got a ho that likes to jack it off and rub it in her chest
I got a ho from the North, a ho from the South
A ho that likes to suck it long and hold it in her mouth
I got a bitch with hair, a bitch with none
A bitch with a knife, a bitch with a gun

A bitch with a a*s big as a TV set
And there's a bitch over there; hey, the one I'm gonna get
But yo but maybe not, she might not like me though
No sweat to a vet; I'll slam a sista though, word
Ice in the whole damn herd
I f***k 'em all and leave 'em on the curve
I got a bitch with a mink, who rocks a fat gold link
who likes to f***k me with her a*s up on the kitchen sink
Got a bitch with t**, a bitch with a*s
A bitch with none, but hey I give her a pa*s
And I love 'em all, I love 'em crazily
And they love me back - that's why they stay with me
So if you havin girl problems, I'll be there for you son
Got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one - hit it...
Nah a bitch aïn't one

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