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Ice-T - Home invasion lyrics

All right! When we go up in this goddamn house
all I want is the motherf***kin' kids!
As far as pops I don't give a f***k what you do...
Bust him in his motherf***kin' head!
If he got any money, take it!
If there is money there, rob the motherf***kin' joint!
As far as moms bust her in her goddamn head!
Dumb bitch, that's the reason we're going up in there!
She don't know what the f***k she's talkin' about!

Everyone get back, this is a rap jack
I'm takin' your kids' brains, you aint gettin'em back
With a move of perfection, my dissection
Some call it lethal injection
I'm gonna fill'em with hard drums
Big drums, bitches, hoes and death, come on and get some
I'm not the nigga that you want to leave your kids alone
Cause I got my own opening-dome kit
And once again I'm gonna put them under my f***kin' spell
They might start givin' you f***kin' hell
Start changin' the way they walk
They talk, they act, now, whose f***kin' fault is that?
The home invader...

Yo, moms you can basically just suck my dick!
This is a home invasion...
Yo, pops that s***t you talkin' is noise! Word! You full of s***t!

Check this out, moms, I said time bomb
And they sit in your house and remain calm
Till you feed'em lies and the flip
Start talkin' crazy s***t (***k you!)
Might call you and pops a fool
Tell ya that's why they hate school
Been offensive and askin' questions
Give your brain indigestion
Why? Why? Because I have indoctrinated the youth
Yhey're mentally intoxicated with truth
So they know the noise you talk are lies
Pretty damn soon they'll be by (I'm outta here)
They listen to me and i give'em the real
And every night caps get peeled

And every night a ho gets smacked
A fool gets jacked
Now, whose f***kin' fault was that?
The home invaders...

Yo! Yo! Yo!
All that s***t you taught me, mom, was full of s***t!
Know what I'm sayin'?
How the f***k you gonna tell me to run my motherf***kin' life?
Bitch! You dont even know who the f***k you are!
You talkin' about you don't like rap, you don't like how I dress!
Yo! F***k you and pops! I'm outta here!
Both of y'all can kiss my a*...

All cops want me, so does the F. B. I.
Because my rhymes are fly
They still tryin' to stop m, e shut me down block me
Make motherf***kas boycott me
But that will never happen, it's impossible
I move straight through all obstacles
They say I'm f***kin' up the minds of little kids
But half of my fans are in college
P. M. R. C. suck my dick, please
You can kiss my a*s while you're on your knees
Word! You're listening to the verbal a*sa*sinator
E's the crossfader, your factual updater
Until your cranium grows like uranium
Hard as titanium, parents, I'm blamin'em
For teachin' you lies about life, racist viewpoints
And other trite bulls***t they learned back in the day
While I learned about death from an A. K.
But they'll never quite understand
Bam, bam, bam, no gat is the Walkman
Boom, bash, yeah, yo, it's goin' down
Me and Ice Cube are in town
But the f***kin' pigs cancelled the concert
They're just scared of some niggers that do work
What they do? What did I do?
Just say truth motherf***ka and it's comin' through
I tell you what we did: we stole your f***kin' kids
The home invader...

All right! we got the motherf***kin' kïds!
We outta here! C'mon...

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