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Ice-T - Lethal weapon lyrics

E-V-I-L E and Ice-T are on a jack move
Layin down the dope groove, smokin those who disapprove
Wreckin the deck, you'll regret if you cross punk
Rollin like a Mack truck, waxin those who talk junk
Violent your end, I got your face in my crosshairs
Wanna see your dome bust sucker cause I don't care
Nuttin bout you, your crew, because you talk s***t
I'm the Lethal Weapon boy, ridin the apocalypse

If you're in my way, then lay beneath the ground soon
Violence is my business fool, the microphone of doom
Mission that's to cure all punks as I bust caps
Peelin your back, my ammunition hollow-point raps
You try to run, that makes it even more fun
I just cold lamp and vamp you with the shotgun
Cops try to flex.. but guns they'll never find..
My Lethal Weapon's my mïnd!

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