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Ice-T - O. g. original gangster lyrics

Ten years ago
I used to listen to rappers flow
Talkin' bout the way
They rocked the mic at the disco
I liked how that s***t was goin' down
With my own sound
So I tried to write rhymes
Somethin' like them, my boys said,
"That ain't you Ice,

That s***t sounds like them. "
So I sat back, thought up a new track
Didn'T fantasize, kicked the pure

Facts. M*********s got scared
Cause they weas unprepaired
who would tell it how it relly was?
Who dared?
A m*********r from the West Coast
L. A. South Central fool
Where the Crips and the Bloods play
When I wrote about parties
It didn't fit
Six in the Mornïn'
That was the real s***t

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