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Ice-T - Pulse of the rhyme lyrics

Just checkin' my microphone once
As I check your audio
Increase the ba*s response
Hope n the speakers blow
I got no time to sit and flip
And pop bulls***t
Turn up your stereo hops
Insert the rhyme clip
Roll your windows up
Make sure it7s air tight
E. Q. the track exact
So s***t sounds right
I rhyme of death
And darkness and danger
Your crib or car
Becomes a torture chamber
I write my rhymes with violence
What you expect?
Sounds of pain
The snap of a broken neck
All alone in darkness I sit each night
Write my rhymes
With blood upon a butcher knife
You say the Ice is ill, and ill I am

They try to ban my s***t
And I don't give a damn
Roll up, your eye will get swoll up
Suckers who flexed
Yo, their deaths got tolled up
Cause I'm not the nigga to toy with
Boy with the big mouth
Ya got time to riff?
There's time to take you out
Put a couple caps in your a*s
Cut your head off

Send it to your mom with flowers
Cause I'm so soft
Lay on your wack crew
Smoke the whole bunch
Bury 'em in my bck yard
And then I'll eat lunch
Cause I don't give a f***k about you
Or him or her
Whenever I'm in the house
A death just might occur
Is this real or fictïon
You'll never know

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